The voice of the shepherd and the echo of Baabda: no limit


Najm Al-Hashem wrote in “The Call of the Nation”:

Whoever knows the Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Mar Bishara Boutros Al-Ra’i realizes that he would not have said what he said in Sunday’s sermon on July 5 at the Patriarchal Synagogue Church in Diman, had he not been overwhelmed by the lack of initiative of the President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, to take serious steps, could For Lebanon to save the entity, not just the collapsed financial and economic situation. This is because the shepherd often slows down before the required shock occurs and adopts caution before the confrontation.

He who knows the shepherd also realizes that he knows President Michel Aoun well and knows his way of dealing with crises and how he clings to his opinion even as he walks on the edge of the abyss, and even as he falls into this abyss and signs with the country and the people. The sponsor knows President Aoun well since he was commander of the army and head of the military government, and Patriarch Mar Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir was accompanied to Baabda to meet the general in the phase of the liberation war, and to discuss the Taif Agreement and then in the abolition war and before the October 13 operation. At the time, Aoun did not listen to all the advice of Mr. Bkerke, who was also conveying the wishes of the Holy See in the Vatican to get out of the war and enter into a solution.

The shepherd knows very well what happened between Sfeir and Aoun that he lived in Bkerke details of all this tense relationship, and he was in the big edifice when the Aoun crowds attacked him and assaulted the patriarch Sfeir on the night of the fifth of November 1989. That night, Bishop the Shepherd could not tolerate the scene of insulting the patriarch and attacking The edifice went to the chapel to pray until the black cloud clears, and in the early morning hours the patriarch accompanied Sfeir to Diman. It was the first time that a patriarch was forced to leave his winter residence to Saify in the winter in a sad, bleak, but forgiving way for those who knew what to do.

Scott the president and the shepherd’s words

The shepherd did not appeal to “His Excellency the President of the Republic to work to break the siege on legality and the free national decision” only after he realized that legitimacy and free decision were in danger. Whoever knows Patriarch Al-Rai knows that he would not have had to announce his position in his church sermon, had he not given up hope that Aoun would have understood what he was saying to him in his meetings with him. More than once the patriarch Patron went to the Republican Palace and more than once he spoke with President Aoun and more than once he received him in Bkerke, but he was always waiting for him to do something, and he always did not, as if he were surrendering to an unknown destiny and a known choice. The difference is that the shepherd was not prepared to have to give in as much and that option. When some votes were raised calling on President Aoun to resign, he went to Baabda and supported his continuation in the presidency. If the Maronite Patriarch refused to harm the Governor of the Banque du Liban Riad Salama Al-Marouni, it is natural that he refuse to harm the site of Lebanon’s “Ruler” Michel Aoun al-Marouni. But the patriarch could not continue to keep quiet about the president’s silence.

The shepherd is proud to address his “call” as well as the appeal of Patriarch Sfeir on 20 September 2000, and that President Aoun and his environs ignore it and evade responsibility, as they are not concerned with this call and that legitimacy is not besieged and that the free national decision is available in the palace Republican, and that it is the shepherd who erred in the title and has to correct his policy rather than repeat the experience of his predecessor Sfeir. This logic opened the doors of criticism against the shepherd.

Unrealized bet

The shepherd was very happy when the understanding was reached between the “Lebanese Forces” and the “Free Patriotic Movement” and when a parsing understanding occurred between Dr. Samir Geagea and General Michel Aoun, and he was more happy when Michel Aoun was elected President of the Republic.

Since the shepherd came to the office of the Patriarchate on March 15, 2011, he was at the forefront of his concerns to reunite Christians and overcome their divisions. On this basis, he was able to gather President Amin Gemayel, General Aoun, Dr. Geagea and Minister Suleiman Franjieh, and he tried with them to bypass the possibility of a vacuum in the Presidency of the Republic and prevent at least others from choosing the Maronite President, on the basis of what was happening during the trusteeship. He also wanted this president to be a Christian representative, strong in his environment and free from any tutelage. On this basis, the Patriarch was delighted and delighted with the choice to elect Aoun. He did not stop there, as the reconciliation of the “forces” and the “current” in Bkerke passed through. The meeting was reconciliation, forgiveness, handshake, and forgiveness between Dr. Geagea and Minister Franjieh in Bkerke as well. However, all this did not translate force on the ground in the active Christian presence in the country due to the special policies that the President of the Republic gave to the President of the “Current”, who was chosen by his successor, Minister Gibran Bassil, and because of the lame in the arms of “Hezbollah”. Instead of the Covenant building its policy on the basis of Christian-Christian understanding to save the Lebanese entity, legitimacy and the Republic, he went in the opposite direction and rebounded against the understanding of Ma’arab and adopted a strategy to defend Hezbollah, even on the issue related to the Lebanese Armed Forces and its ability to protect legitimacy and the Republic. All these concerns were raised in the meetings of the patriarch and the president, but always without result, as if the patriarch was telling until the walls were heard, not the ears.

Shepherd after the October 17 revolution

After the October 17, 2019 uprising, as a catastrophic consequence of what has become of the Covenant after the expiration of three years of his life, and after his image was hidden behind the image of Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, who appeared as if he was deciding the fate of Lebanon, it was no longer possible to continue silence The patriarch. From his headquarters in Bkerke, he saw how the process of moving Lebanon will take place on the anniversary of its first centenary from one place to another, from Lebanon that is open to the world to Lebanon, another weak and isolated, who lost life and lost identity and the goal of its existence, which was only by the will of Bkerke and her historical path and Patriarch Elias Al-Hwaik. The shepherd could not witness the process of eliminating Lebanon and remain silent because the silent one was a silent devil. Instead of the first centenary of the Greater Lebanon Declaration being an occasion to restore consideration to this entity, it has been proven to the patriarch and to those who believe in this entity that what happens is in trying to eliminate this entity and what remains of it economically, politically and security, and from international relations because this entity was not born to ultimately be a vassal Iran, or a land on which Hezbollah is moving and placing it at the service of its goals and projects in the region.

The sponsor does not intend to create a new “Qurnet Shahwan meeting” to carry the goals of this patriarchal uprising, but in his words he set the ceiling that could constitute a starting point and a follow-up for the liberation of legitimacy and the republic and saving Lebanon the entity and renewing its identity for a hundred years, not to be what happens today Just a burial of this Lebanon and legitimacy.

In his sermon and before he touched on politics, the shepherd patriarch spoke first in the message of Christ the Father sent to save the world, and sent his church, represented by the twelve apostles, to bring to the world the mystery of God’s saving love for the life of every human being. He warned her that he would “send her like sheep among wolves”. He called on her to be armed with three virtues: wisdom, meekness and patience. And the word of Christ is motivated by it: “The harvest is great, and the workers are few” (Luke 2:10), and their second word encourages them: “You will have tribulation in the world, but be strong. I have overcome the world” (John 33:16). And their third support: “I am with you all the days until the end of the world” (Matthew 20:28).

Triangle Call

Proceeding from this Christian background, the shepherd outlined his positions and condemned giving priority to personal gains, accusing them of emptying the state treasury and supporting the “October 17 Revolution that will not go out.” After defending Lebanon, which civilization they want to kill, he set goals and said: “The stage we have reached leads us to make this call:

• We appeal to His Excellency the President of the Republic to work to lift the blockade of legitimacy and free national decision.

• We ask friendly countries to accelerate to the rescue of Lebanon as it did whenever it is in danger.

• We turn to the United Nations to work to re-establish Lebanon’s independence and unity, implement international resolutions, and declare its neutrality. Lebanon’s neutrality is the guarantee of its unity and its historical position in this stage full of geographical and constitutional changes. Lebanon’s neutrality is its strength and the guarantee of its role in stabilizing the region and defending the rights of Arab states and the cause of peace, and in the healthy relationship between the countries of the Middle East and Europe by virtue of its location on the shore of the Mediterranean.

The patriarch put his finger on the Lebanese wound. With these words, the President of the Republic is responsible for the failure to carry out his duties. Without naming, he reveals who is besieging legitimacy and free national decision. He considers that, in the face of the presidential failure, aid from the western world, which has long been the guarantor of Lebanon’s survival, is necessary to implement international resolutions that preserve its sovereignty and perpetuate its existence and ensure that the blockade of this legitimacy is lifted even if it does not want to lift the siege on itself.

Even if he was persecuted as the disciples of Christ were persecuted and even if the echo resonated in Baabda, “the patriarch the shepherd said his word, and he continues to follow this path, even if” they did not walk “and even if they” did not walk “with what he demanded,” We are walking and completing, “just as Some of his visitors report on the basis of what Jesus said about the sheep sent among the wolves, but on the basis that “you will have a narrow world in your world, but be strong. I overcame the world.” Because in the end only the correct will be correct and the word of truth will prevail and Lebanon will remain.


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