The virus is spreading to new areas


Hadeel Farfour wrote in Al-Akhbar:

With the continued high number of cases of corona infection, yesterday, it was recorded that the virus had spread to areas it entered for the first time. In light of the adherence to not returning to the general closure, the pregnancy is now falling on the municipalities in the regions to “control” the spread, despite their limited capabilities and the lack of stone centers and mechanisms for monitoring and control.

The latest figures related to the spread of the “Corona” epidemic in Lebanon are still of further concern. For the first time since February 21, the number of injured people requiring hospital admission reached 80, including 16 in critical condition. This comes as the Ministry of Health continues to record high numbers of infections (75 cases for 63 residents and 12 arrivals), and with the virus reaching areas where infections are recorded for the first time, such as Hermel (an infection was recorded in the city yesterday). Thus, the total number of injuries rose to 2980, and the number of actual injuries to 1362. Accordingly, there are 1282 injured persons who are currently subject to domestic isolation, which imposes questions regarding ways to impose control on these in order to prevent further spread.

Faced with the insistence not to return to full closure, and with the virus infiltrating into different towns and regions, the burden was placed on the municipalities and local authorities to take over the task of controlling the spread and control of the virus by taking strict measures ranging from imposing residents to wear masks, through the closure of parks and public areas, through to To close the towns and prevent the entry of “strangers” to them.

In Baalbek, for example, the mayor, Fouad blog, issued yesterday a decision to close the sports city and stop sports activities in it. The famous Ras Al Ain park was closed to hikers. In Hermel, the Crisis Cell decided to close all institutions and shops within the city for three days, and “implement a complete stone for the northern Al-Marah neighborhood, the place of residence of the case that was declared injured, and prevent curfews in the neighborhood except for the most urgent necessity and assign the municipal police and security forces to strictly implement the decision.” . The municipalities of Tire district, where many casualties have been recorded in the past few days, have stressed the obligation to wear masks and to take into account social distancing. Yesterday, the Disaster Management Unit in the Union of Judicial Municipalities announced that the number of injured people in the judiciary increased to 211 after recording four new infections, 88 of them being local cases (including 25 from the Palestinian subsidiary).

While the President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, stressed the intensification of preventive measures and the compliance of citizens with the measures taken to limit the spread of the epidemic, Prime Minister Hassan Diab called on “all Lebanese” to adhere to the preventive measures “because no one is immune to the danger of this epidemic.” He stressed that “we are going through the second wave of the Corona epidemic, and it is clear that the injuries increase more than the first stage and we have not yet reached the peak of this wave”, pointing out that the lack of commitment “will increase the number of injuries significantly and lead to the loss of our loved ones, as happened with the martyr doctor Louay Ismail ».

The Private Hospitals Syndicate, for its part, expressed regret for Ismail’s death, and demanded that officials “give the necessary priority to the entire health sector.”

With the hundreds of hundreds of PCr examinations taking place due to the suspicions that they were in contact with injured people, the Director General of the National Social Security Fund, Mohamed Karaki, issued a memorandum according to which nine hospitals and medical laboratories added to the one that the fund covers covering the costs of conducting the examination, bringing the number to 47.

Today, Health Minister Hamad Hassan is holding a press conference regarding the use of trained police dogs to detect HIV cases.


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