The third richest woman in the world is at large Al Anbaa Newspaper


McKinsey Scott, the former wife of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, announced on Tuesday that she has donated $ 1.7 billion to charity since she pledged to donate a portion of her huge fortune last year.

She also announced that she changed her surname to “Scott” after her divorce from Bezos.

After the divorce, Scott announced that she would hold 25% of the couple’s shares in the Amazon giant, with an estimated fortune of several billion dollars.

“I have no doubt that a person’s personal wealth is the product of a collective effort and social structures that provide opportunities for some people and obstacles for countless people,” wrote Scott in a post.

She cited 116 organizations that have made donations, because of their work on issues including social equality, gender equality, public health and climate change.

Scott had pledged in May last year to give up half of her fortune as part of her charitable efforts.


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