The technical staff of the Lebanese soccer team ends the tests of the candidates … and will follow them with their club teams


The technical staff of the Lebanese national soccer team, led by Gamal Taha, has completed the tests of future candidates for the first team. The tests were conducted at the Professional Complex Stadium in Bir Hassan and included 4 episodes, which were intended for elements born in 1995-2000.

It came within the framework of the “medium-term road map” announced by the technical staff and presented in the media during a press conference held last month, aimed at achieving a required balance through a calm and thoughtful renewal of the youth of the team in the near term, so that the average age of players is reduced to 25-26 years. In a parallel line to prepare the first team to complete its matches in the double qualifiers for the World Cup finals “Qatar 2022” and Asia “China 2023”, the technical staff will closely keep pace with the promotional and official tournaments, including the youth league, and will consult with coaches of club teams to achieve the desired goal.

The head of the National Teams Committee, member of the Union’s Administrative Committee, Dr. Mazen Qubeisi, attended part of the last training session that Taha started by telling the players that other meetings “will bring us together in the future, so you are always under the test, which will motivate you to appear at the best level with your clubs”, wishing them in the name of the technical staff of success, Stressing the need for them to adhere to safety and prevention measures. Taha summarized the testing phase as being necessary to closely examine players after forced activities ceased.

He said: “Follow-up and match-up will be through the activation tournaments and the official season,” revealing the distinction of about five players, “as they have the specifications that we are currently requesting and we hope that they will be certified essential with their club teams and show their good metal, so that our decision when called upon is correct.” He added, correcting: “Our follow-up will include everyone, so that we can stand on the level of their development, even those who were not called to these tests, because the doors of the team are open to everyone who deserves the opportunity.” The good is remarkable, even though the cessation of activity in the past months has undoubtedly affected the technician. ” Mohamed appealed to the technical bodies in the clubs to give these young elements the required attention and give them the opportunity to develop, which is reflected positively at the level of teams and the team.

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