The Syrian artist Ahmed Rafi is infected with the Corona virus – Erm News


Source: Toss News- Damascus

Sources from inside Al-Assad University Hospital in the Syrian capital confirmed Damascus, That the result of the survey that was performed by the artist Ahmed Rafi to reveal that he was infected with the Corona virus, was positive.

Rafi ‘was admitted to the hospital about ten days ago after suffering from a health problem and developing symptoms similar to those of the Corona virus, from high fever and shortness of breath.

The artist is still undergoing medical care in the hospital as his health condition improves, and he will remain in the hospital for follow-up to avoid any risks or developments.

It is noteworthy that during his long artistic career, Rafie presented a number of influential and important works between cinema, television and theater since 1973, and his most recent work was the series “The Guardian of Jerusalem” and “The Silk Market” that were shown last Ramadan.


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