The State Department is upset with Chia … and that is why Hill admonished her


The newspaper “Al-Akhbar” wrote: “The position that the American Ambassador in Beirut Dorothy Chia was exposed to after the decision of Judge Muhammad joked that she was prevented from declaring to the Lebanese media, until an additional inconvenience came from the US State Department, which considered that” merely summoning an American ambassador to a ministry The Foreign Ministry in Lebanon represents a weak point. ”It turned out that the embassy tried to cancel the summons and arrange a later appointment with Minister Nassif until. But the latter stressed the existence of“ instructions ”that the matter should take place on his date. For his part,“ Undersecretary ”the US Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs David Hill, Chia, due to what he considered “mismanagement of the file, and that she had to let the Lebanese quarrels with the judiciary, with the government and with Hezbollah, not to take care of it and make it easy to disgrace it and the position of the US ambassador.”


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