The stadiums regain their activity amid strict procedures


Lebanese football has regained its vitality, and its competitions have officially started from the junior championship portal, with the postponed match from the first week between Al-Ahed and its guest, Al-Tadhamon Tire. A return in which the Syrians were very happy after their victory over Al-Ahed 1-0 with a goal scored by Abdullah Faqih in the 59th minute.But Al Ain was in the form of life returning to football in light of the crisis in Coruna. The big challenge was due to the large outbreak of the epidemic in the recent period in Lebanon, which imposed exceptional measures by the Lebanese Federation for the game.
Various measures between administrative and health by preventing the public from attending, and limiting the number of administrators. The most important thing was the strict health measures implemented by specialized people by sterilizing all stadium facilities and measuring the temperature of each person entering and sanitizing the stadium. Add to this the mandatory wearing of the muzzle by all those present, with the exception of players on the field. The dressing rooms were closed, the shower was banned in the stadium, and two external areas were assigned to the players with the technical staff, in addition to the strict issue of spacing and safe distance.
There is no doubt that these measures will withdraw from all matches from the Young Women’s Championship, which begins today with six games, to the Elite and Challenge Cups and the Beach Championship on the first of August.

The Lebanese Federation has taken strict health measures that have been implemented by specialized persons

At the same time, the first-class clubs continued their friendly matches, as Al-Ahed defeated its host Al-Ansar 3-1 after it was late, with a goal scored by Mahmoud Kajk. As for the goals of the covenant, they were scored: Muhammad Qaddouh, two goals, one of which was a penalty) and Hussein Zain. Al-Ansar missed a penalty kick kicked by CJC and saved by goalkeeper Hadi Khalil, while Al-Ansar player Karim Darwish received a red card in the last ten minutes after he hit the young Testament player Mohamed Hayek, who was taken to hospital where he was treated with eight stitches.
Not so long ago, Al-Borg defeated Al-Najmah 1-0 at Al-Manara Stadium through its player Mohammed Jaafar, who scored the only goal of the tower. As for the youth meeting of Al-Sahel and the friendly tower, too, it ended in a negative tie between the two teams.


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