The retail sector in the euro area is witnessing a steady growth in the number of shoppers during May


(Menafra) Official forecasts issued yesterday, Monday, indicated that the euro zone recorded a huge increase in the number of shoppers during last May, while the countries of the region planned to continue economic activities in their sectors after long weeks of closure in line with the isolation measures imposed internationally to contain the Corona virus.

Eurostat information showed that sales in the nineteen Eurozone countries rose 17.8 percent in May, compared to last April in the largest increase since 1999.

And the increase is greater than the market expectations, which was indicating a rise of 15 percent, but on an annual basis, sales last May are still down by 5.1 percent.

According to Eurostat data, the increase in last May from the previous month partially offset the record declines in the previous two months, partly when retail sales fell by 12.1 percent in April and 10.6 percent in March..



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