The “Probe of Hope”: Space brings the world together with amazing diplomacy


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“Probe of Hope” .. Space brings the world together with amazing diplomacy, today, Tuesday 28 July 2020 12:04 am

History: July 28, 2020

His Excellency Youssef Al Otaiba, UAE Ambassador to the United States of America, opened a virtual symposium to launch a probe of hope on the site of the “Planetary Society” radio, an hour before the launch of the “H2” missile from the coast of Japan, in a scene that brings the world in a unique and amazing diplomatic way, thanks to All who joined to watch the launch of the probe of hope in the United States, and to all the friends who followed the event from around the world at that very late hour, indicating that the UAE will become, through that mission, the first Arab country to launch a spacecraft between the planets.

Al-Otaiba emphasized that what we are witnessing is the outcome of years in the making phase, likening the announcement of the leaders of the state on the UAE mission of Mars in 2014, to the “going to the moon” moment in the speech of US President John F. Kennedy, which inspired the American people to invest in space and space exploration, and landing The first human on the moon in the end.

He stated that the UAE leadership challenged its scientists from engineers to build a space probe and launch it into orbit around Mars on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the country, and that he feels very proud to see friends and colleagues gathered after six years, to witness this dream come true.

mixed feelings

In turn, Her Excellency Sarah Bint Youssef Al-Amiri, Minister of State for Advanced Technology, President of the Emirates Space Agency, spoke on the site of the “Planets Society” radio site, about the group of mixed feelings that you suffer from enthusiasm and anxiety, especially when you consider the large part that the mission took from the life of the team .

Her Excellency stated that everyone who contributed to the mission felt that the task was taken from every living soul, as it was a continuous part of our domestic work, and from our families, and our workplaces. Whether launching the probe will create a void, especially when it sets out on its honest journey, and it looks forward to what the journey will hold.

He had joined the virtual launching ceremony of the Hope Probe on the Planetary Society radio site, leaders on the Emirati Mars mission, Jim Bridenstein, director of NASA, and Allen Stovan, director of the National Aviation and Space Museum, and others.

Matt Kaplan, the event’s host, director of Radio Planet Society, said: “New hope” started his journey to Mars with the launch of the probe of hope from Japan, what a week for space lovers … We celebrate the successful launch of the UAE mission to Mars.

Jim Braidstein started his talk about the period long before he took over as director of NASA, when he was in the House of Representatives, saying: “You guys have come and said: We have this great ambition. We have just started establishing a new space agency for the Emirates and we will actually go to Mars. ” He states that he was thinking that there is some exaggeration, and he states that the Emiratis presented a timetable, and that he was thinking that this would be a very difficult challenge, and he does not know at the time whether he is fully convinced that it will be in this moment and today, “the day of launch.”

He continued: I know that the project was not easy, and resembled the presence of white space and permanent challenges, which resulted in “amazing work” by the UAE in that task and to reach this point, we have seen it launch its locally produced satellite, “Khalifa Sat”, which provides a sensor Tele-photos and images of the Earth to understand our changing environment, were indeed a major contributor to our understanding of our planet.

He added: «You had the first astronaut on the International Space Station. You have plans for more astronauts on the International Space Station, ”he said, noting that America is very excited about having another partner in human spaceflight. That’s because the big NASA project is definitely going to the moon. The UAE has its own lunar mission, which it will launch in 2022, which will be amazing, and a wonderful moment, not only for the Emirates, but for the United States, and for all the international partners involved in space exploration and information exchange.

The webinar management later moved to Talal Al Qaisi, from the Emirates Space Agency, who presented two members of the Mars mission team that spent time in Colorado, namely, Hayam Al Balushi from the land of Japan and Hoor Al Mazmi from Abu Dhabi.

Hiyam Al Balushi, who works as an installation, assembly and testing engineer at the Emirates Space Agency, spoke of her pleasure in working on the Emirates Mars Probe, in her first space mission, to point to the point that space is a field for cooperative work, meaning that cooperation between the UAE, America and Japan is what It enabled that mission to take place, confirming that the process of transferring the knowledge obtained from that mission was amazing, and it serves the construction of economic diversification, which constitutes the main goal of the mission.

For her part, Hoor Al-Mazmi, a space science engineer at the Emirates Space Agency, and part of the scientific team in the first mission of the Emirates, that she worked in Colorado, and had to obtain a master’s degree at work, and test the American culture again after her experience at the university. She found this wonderful, as it was a great way for her to contact scientists from all over the world during that experience, while she could not have done so without the mission of the Emirati Mars.

Then Talal Al-Qaisi, George Whitesides, Chief Space Officer of the Space Company Virgin Galactic, moved to share his experience working with the Emirates.

“It is a great honor to be present at this exciting moment,” Whitesides said, noting that the UAE’s ties have been going on for more than a decade with the start of a partnership around Virgin Galactic and its aspirations. Watching the growth of the UAE space sector was a source of joy for him.

On the Virgin Galactic side, our relationship relates to the possible growth of our business in the Emirates one day, where there was a determination of a launch site on space, or a possible launch site in the Emirates that has all the correct parameters for a possible operation, and also there are now new legal frameworks for space that Created by the UAE, which allows these activities.

Kaplan ended the coverage of the mission of the Hope Probe, along with Allen Stovan, who leads the National Museum of Aviation and Space in Washington, and was previously a senior NASA scientist, who mentioned that her view of the Hope Probe was beating in love, and returned it to what the UAE Ambassador to the United States, Youssef Al Otaiba said. This reminds her of another country 50 years ago, which moved within eight and a half years from the absence of a space agency in practice to a human transmission of the moon, noting that the spirit of Apollo is what I saw happening in the Emirates and the country will reap the same results that the Americans obtained from Apollo In terms of inspiring a generation to start and do the impossible, adding that people like Jeff Bezos, for example, were inspired by Apollo, and this is what will happen in the Emirates. Every child in school watching the probe will say: “I want to be the first person to step on Mars.” .

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