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Eng. Fatima Hussein Lootah, within the scientific team of the UV spectrum meter “Muse”, reviewed the work of scientific devices aboard the “Hope Probe”, which will study oxygen, hydrogen and carbon monoxide in the upper atmosphere of Mars, pointing out that the Hope probe will extract data Scientific studies on the climate of Mars using 3 scientific devices.

She indicated, during a video posted on the probe’s account on Twitter, that the UV spectrometer is one of the scientific devices on board the Hope Probe and will study oxygen, hydrogen and carbon monoxide in the upper atmosphere of Mars, noting that the importance of this lies in helping Understanding the causes of escape of oxygen and hydrogen from Mars. She noted that the Hope Probe will extract scientific data on the climate of Mars using 3 scientific devices, two devices are the infrared spectrometer and the digital exploration camera, and they will study the bottom cover of Mars.


The scientific devices are designed to collect the largest volume of information about the climate of Mars, will help provide the first integrated picture of the atmosphere of Mars throughout the day and during the seasons of the year, and includes a “camera for exploration” which is a digital camera to capture digital high-resolution color images of Mars and to measure ice and ozone in the layer Lower atmosphere, the “infrared spectrometer”, which measures the temperature and distribution of dust, water vapor, and ice clouds in the lower layer of the atmosphere, in addition to the “ultraviolet spectroscopy” device to measure oxygen and carbon monoxide in the thermal layer and measure hydrogen And oxygen is in the upper atmosphere.


These devices provide important scientific answers that have not been previously presented in the field of exploration of Mars, including searching for common factors that combine the current climate on Mars and its climate in the distant past before losing its atmosphere, and studying the reasons for the atmosphere’s fading in Mars from By tracking the rush of hydrogen and oxygen gases into space, which together form water molecules, exploring the relationship and interaction between the upper and lower layers of Mars’s atmosphere, providing a first comprehensive picture of how Mars’s atmosphere changes and weather changes throughout the day and across all seasons continuously.


Through this historical mission, the scientific team seeks to discover the causes of the rush and loss of hydrogen and oxygen gases from the upper layers of the planet’s atmosphere, which form the main components of water and thus the basis of life towards space, while the probe will study the changes in the atmosphere of the planet Mars during its daily cycles And seasonality, which will gain the scientific community a lot of new information about the climate of the Red Planet, including the famous Martian dust storms that blow on the planet in the form of huge piles of red dust, flooding the entire planet, compared to dust storms on the ground that are brief and occur in specific locations .


The probe also studies the impact of changes that occur in the lower atmosphere, such as dust storms and changes in temperature, on the upper atmosphere and its manifestations over the following days and weeks, as the probe will be the first of its kind to study the relationship between the climate of Mars and its geography, where He will study the common factors and differences between climate over the massive volcanic peaks on the surface of the Red Planet and the climate in the depths of its valleys.

Receiving the delegation of the Emirates Space Agency with flowers

Abu Dhabi International Airport yesterday welcomed the delegation of the Emirates Space Agency participating in the launch of the Hope Probe, upon its return from Japan aboard Etihad Airways flight from Haneda International Airport.

The media office of the Abu Dhabi government released through his Twitter account a video that includes scenes from the Emirates Space Agency delegation receiving flowers.

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