The party informed the concerned party: We will not let Lebanon fall and its people go hungry … and we will not let it fall apart by amateurs in politics


Lebanon has no choice but to get out of its crisis only by heading to the east and its only gateway to Syria
– The “Party”: The decision to open up to the East was finally taken
– It will not observe any red lines this time

Hassan Al-Hassan-Al-Thabat-

… Finally, the official Lebanese direction towards the east began to take the path of implementation, and this was translated into action on the ground, through the meeting recently held by Prime Minister Hassan Diab, which included the ministers of environment, industry, works, transport, tourism and energy, with the Chinese ambassador in Beirut Wang Kejian, during which they discussed projects through which Beijing can help Lebanon, to develop its infrastructure, at the forefront (electricity, railways, and waste treatment), while Diab tasked the Minister of Industry, Imad Habibullah, with following up the file of cooperation with Chinese companies.

In a related context, an Iraqi ministerial delegation arrived, in the past few hours, to the capital, Beirut, which included: Minister of Oil Ihsan Abdel Jabbar, and Agriculture Muhammad Karim al-Khafaji, who met Diab, and Lebanese ministers of agriculture, energy, and industry. The visit, according to what was reported in more than one Iraqi media outlet, aimed at supporting the Lebanese government, provided that it discusses the file of importing oil from Iraq. This step may constitute, pIn case it is completed until the desired end is reached, the beginning of a transformation in the current rentier Lebanese economy, and its pillar of the banking system linked to the United States and the West as a whole, also leaning on financial aid and deposits from “petrodollars”, towards a productive economy, freed from American pressureWhich brought the country, in cooperation with its tools inside it, to an economic and living crisis not witnessed in its recent history, after the drying of the American dollar from the Lebanese market, and the prevention of countries that Washington is providing with, to provide any financial aid or soft loans to Lebanon in the foreseeable future. In an attempt from the first to push the second, to submit to the conditions of the first, which takes into account first of all the Israeli interests in the region, which are:By dismantling the smart missile system of the resistance, settling the Palestinians in Lebanon, demarcating the Lebanese maritime border with “Israel”, in proportion to its oil interests, integrating the displaced Syrians into Lebanese society, (and then using them later in any prospective Syrian presidential election entitlement, or to recruit them in The terrorist operations that targeted, and may target the resistance and its incubating environment, as well as trying to make a difference in the Lebanese demographic composition.According to the confirmation of a political reference close to the latter’s team.

So, after the beginning of this development, and the qualitative shift in Lebanese economic relations with the outside, it appears that the complex American war waged against Lebanon, which is based on three types of wars, political, economic, and psychological, to create a state of popular pressure against the authority, will fail. And its predecessors, according to the opinion of a military and strategic authority. And confirms the above, in terms of American pressure on European and Gulf countries, to discourage them from assisting Lebanon. Here, the reference asserts that Lebanon has no choice but to get out of its severe economic crisis, except by heading to the east, and its only gate is SyriaAs long as the West is closed.

In this regard, informed sources quoted a statement from a member of the Al-Wafa Resistance Bloc, who said on a social visit, that: The decision to open towards the east was taken in a final form, especially in light of Washington’s insistence on tightening the economic and political blockade of Lebanon and its government, and it is absolutely certain that there is no going back..

In a related context, and by moving to control the internal scene, and preparing it to cope with the Lebanese openness towards the east, and to confront the economic terrorism practiced by the United States on the Lebanese people, an Islamic reference reveals that the resistance team sent a message to those concerned with the matter abroad before the inside, that it He will not let Lebanon fall, and his people go hungry, no matter the price, and the aforementioned team will not observe any red lines, this time.

The reference concludes by saying: “It is certain and certain that the team that offered thousands of martyrs, to protect Lebanon, and not allow it to fall into the hands of the Israelis and atonement, will never be allowed to fall under economic pressure, and by the hands of amateurs in politics, he did not mention the success of any betting for them abroad. It dramatically affected the balance of power in the Lebanese interior. ”

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