The overthrow of a gang that steals bank accounts in Saudi Arabia – one world – accidents


The Saudi police in the Riyadh region managed to topple a neurotic formation consisting of 8 people who engaged in fraudulent fraud and fraudulent methods through unreliable text messages, including stopping bank cards, according to the Saudi newspaper, “Riyadh”.

Colonel Shaker Al-Tuwaijri, the media spokesman for the Riyadh police, stated that the security forces of the district police managed to overthrow a neurotic formation consisting of (8) expatriates of Pakistani nationality (in the third and fourth decades of age), who practiced methods of fraud and fraud with fake allegations through unreliable text messages, It includes stopping bank cards or winning cash prizes, in which they lured their victims, and through them they accessed the confidential data of their bank accounts, transferred funds, and made cash withdrawals.

The spokesman explained that they were arrested and seized (37) mobile devices with various numbers containing thousands of communications and circulated fraud letters, a financial amount of (25,000) riyals, and multiple ATM cards, and they acknowledged what was attributed to them and that they obtained from the deceived people sums of money at a rate of ( 20,000) riyals per day transferred to their country, and they were stopped and regular measures were taken against them to refer them to the Public Prosecution.



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