The official promo of “Maqam El Maqam” by Yousra and Aser Yassin


The artist Asir Yassin revealed the official promo of the movie “Owner of the Maqam”, written by the writer Ibrahim Issa, which will be shown on one of the electronic platforms on July 30.

“Maqam Al Maqam” starring: Yousra, Aser Yassin, Amina Khalil, Reham Abdel Ghafour, Bayoumi Fouad, and the late artist Ibrahim Nasr in his last appearance, directed by Mando El Adl.

The film revolves around the occurrence of a young man who embodies his role “Aser Yasin”, in many troubles in his life, where he becomes the only hope for him in a woman who tries to help him get closer to God.

Yusra, on the other hand, spoke about her return to cinema after an absence of 8 years to participate in the “owner of the maqam”, noting that she had moved away from the cinema due to her preoccupation with searching for a different scenario and idea to return to the audience.

She explained in statements to “Al-Ain”, that she embodied in the film what resembles “the soul” and appeared to the family of Yassin during the movie, in order to guide him to the tomb of his dilapidated grandfather, while saving him from committing major mistakes or entering into corrupt deals.

The last artwork by Aser Yassin was the series “100 Wush”, with the artist Nelly Karim, and it was presented in Ramadan 2020, starring: Islam Ibrahim, Mustafa Darwish, Sherif Desouki, Salwa Mohamed Ali, Ola Roushdy and Loay Imran.

Yusra also presented in the drama of last Ramadan, the series “Betrayal of the Covenant”, starring: Bayoumi Fouad, Khaled Sarhan, Joumana Murad, Abeer Sabri, Salwa Othman, Hala Shiha, Tiam Mostafa Qamar and Khaled Anwar.


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