The news that one of the students was infected with Corona is false


The director of the Faculty of Public Health – the first branch of the “Lebanese University”, Dr. Samir Taha, pointed out that “on the morning of Sunday, July 14, 2020, it was spread on social media platforms and in some media, news that one person was injured Students of the first branch of the Faculty of Public Health at the “Lebanese University” are infected with “Corona”, a matter that caused fear and anxiety among all employees in the branch and among its students, as well as students in other colleges.

He pointed out in a statement that “immediately after the administration became aware of this news, I worked to clarify the matter and communicate with the student and his family, to show the following: The student in question is not infected with the disease, and he has been out of college since Tuesday, June 30, 2020. It was also found that the student’s brother is working In a hospital, and he was confirmed to have a “Corona” upon examination conducted on Friday, July 10, and the reason was that he was mixed with a colleague at the same hospital, both of whom were confined to their homes. He stressed that “the brother of the student, who works as a nurse in the aforementioned hospital, had been out of work from June 21 to July 5, due to a surgical operation on his knee that required treatment and comfort inside the home (with a doctor’s confirmed prescription).”

According to Taha, “According to the Public Health Administration, the published news declares that the published news is untrue, and that the aforementioned student is not injured due to the passage of the necessary incubation period for the injury, and we asked him to carry out the required checks to maintain his and his contacts with his friends and family.” He reminded that “there is no academic or academic duty that requires this student to be present at the college while he is discontinued, as we indicated since last June 30, until the date of his final exams in next September.”

He emphasized that “the branch administration is keen to take all safety measures, in order to preserve the health of students and their families, and the health of its employees and the academic body alike, while recalling that this is an individual and collective responsibility at the same time, and therefore required clarification.”


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