The list of the strongest passports of 2020 … this is how the Corona virus affected her


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Before the outbreak of the Coruna virus, the world was enjoying greater freedom of movement, more than ever in history.

Aircraft traffic has been steadily increasing over the decades, as passport holders have, on average, been able to visit 107 global destinations, without a visa or visa on arrival.

However, this pleasure no longer exists after the application of the travel ban laws.

The global “Henley” index, which evaluates the most suitable passports to travel periodically, issued its third report.

Asian citizens still carry travel documents that open most of the doors. Japan tops the list of the “Henley” global index, where its citizens can visit 191 destinations, whether without a visa or by using a visa on arrival.

Singapore ranks second, while South Korea and Germany are third.

What are the strongest passports for 2020?

The standard arrangement does not depend on the temporary travel ban, but contemplate what travel freedom currently appears to holders of passports, according to a statement issued by “Henley & Partners”.

What are the strongest passports for 2020?

Last week, the European Union published its list of the 14 countries whose residents will be allowed to enter its territory, with effect from 1 July, months after the closure of its external borders, due to the outbreak of the Coruna virus.

Japan and South Korea were on the list, in addition to Australia and Canada, which are ranked ninth in the global “Henley” index.

What are the strongest passports for 2020?

Although the United States of America currently ranks seventh in the official index, it has the same level of freedom of travel for Mexico, and it ranks No. 25 in the “Henley” global index, in addition to Uruguay, which is ranked 28.

Brazil may be ranked 19th, but its absence from the list of countries welcomed by the European Union means that it is in fact close to Paraguay (and it is ranked 36th on the index).

What are the strongest passports for 2020?

Meanwhile, Singapore ranks second in the global “Henley” index. However, their exclusion from the European Union list means that passport holders have much less travel freedom compared to the top countries: Japan, South Korea, and Germany.

“As we have already seen, the impact of the epidemic on freedom of travel has been more severe and long-term than initially anticipated,” says Christian H. Kaylin, president of “Henley & Partners” and inventor of the passport index concept. More turmoil in the future. ”

What are the strongest passports for 2020?

Here is a list of the best passports for 2020:

1- Japan (191 destinations)

2 – Singapore (190 destinations)

3- South Korea, Germany (189 destinations)

4 – Italy, Finland, Spain and Luxembourg (188 destinations)

5- Denmark and Austria (187 destinations)

6 – Sweden, France, Ireland, the Netherlands and Portugal (186 destinations)

7. United States, United Kingdom, Belgium, Norway, and Switzerland (185 destinations)

8- Czech Republic, Greece, Malta, and New Zealand (184 destinations)

9 – Canada and Australia (183 destinations)

10- Hungary (182 destinations)

What are the strongest passports for 2020?

The worst passports

Many countries around the world have the ability to travel, without a visa or using a visa upon arrival, to less than 40 countries.

103- North Korea (39 destinations)

104- Libya, Nepal, Palestinian Territories (38 destinations)

105- Somalia, Yemen (33 destinations)

106- Pakistan (32 destinations)

107- Syria (29 destinations)

108- Iraq (28 destinations)

109- Afghanistan (26 destinations)

It is reported that the “Henley” index is based on data provided by the International Air Transport Association “IATA”, and it covers 199 passports and 227 travel destinations, updated throughout the year.


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