The Lebanese judiciary requested expansion in investigating bank transfers abroad


The discriminatory Attorney General, Judge Sobouh Suleiman, on Monday sent a letter to the Special Investigation Commission at the Banque du Liban, requesting that he expand the investigation into bank transfers abroad that took place between October 17 of 2019 and December 31 of the same year, which totaled 160 million and 441 thousand dollars.

Suleiman also asked the authority to confirm with the banks the investigation of these accounts, especially every account equivalent to or more than one million US dollars, pursuant to Article 4 of the Anti-Money Laundering Law No. 44/2015.

Suleiman also asked banks to inform the head of the Special Investigation Commission about every suspected bank account from accounts transferred abroad, pursuant to Article 7 of the aforementioned law.

And the authority has previously refrained from providing the judiciary with the names of the owners of remittances abroad, as there is no suspicion about the accounts of these persons according to the answer that was received from the authority from the banks.

The judiciary also received a negative answer from Switzerland on this issue, considering that investigating it requires the existence of an original crime, in addition to the money that was transferred to bank accounts in Switzerland “is clean money until the opposite is proven.”

Source: National Information Agency


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