The last flight of a giant plane Boeing 747 … “Kangaroo” in the sky


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“This plane was very advanced in its time and its great capabilities,” said Alan Joyce, CEO of Qantas Group. “Engineers and cabin crew loved working on it, just as pilots loved flying, and so did passengers. She carved out a very special place in aviation history and I know everyone will miss her a lot, including me. ”

Greetings before take off
Greetings before take off

Qantas, Australia’s largest, said in a statement on Wednesday that the QF7474 flight, which took off from Sydney, drew the famous emblem in the sky as it took off from Sydney airport in the United States, where the jumbo plane would retire.

Boeing 747s will be replaced by more fuel-efficient aircraft, with the ability to fly to more distant destinations, such as the 787 Dreamliner and Airbus A350, according to CNN quoted Joyce.

While the 747 fleet was scheduled to retire at the end of this year, Qantas said that the Corona epidemic that hit the aviation industry killed, had given that date 6 months.

Earlier this month, British Airways completed its fleet of 747s 4 years earlier than originally planned, due to the epidemic.

A number of people gathered at Sydney Airport to bid farewell to the last remaining plane in Australia of this type, which was loaded with a cargo bound for Los Angeles, before the plane was later stored in a building in the Mojave Desert in the far southwest of the United States, according to a press release from Qantas. .

Joyce said it is not an exaggeration to talk about the impact of the 747 aircraft on a country like Australia, as the huge size of the plane helped reduce the price of airline tickets to a destination as far away as the Australian continent.

He confirmed his speech, saying that the 747 “placed international travel within the reach of the average Australian citizen.”

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