The Information Office of the Maronite Archdiocese of Beirut responded to the wisdom administration: “The Archdiocese is nothing but a photo reference and the club changed its image.”


The media office in the Maronite Diocese of Beirut responded to the statement of the resignation of the Al-Hikmah Club administration, Beirut, stating:

“The media office in the Maronite Diocese of Beirut is interested in clarifying the following regarding the Al-Hikmah Sports Club and the decision to disengage it from the Al-Hikma schools:

The pastor of the diocese, Bishop Paul Abdel Sater, in his first meeting with the delegation of the Administrative Committee on March 10, 2020 congratulated him on assuming the duties of the club administration and thanked him for his contribution to helping the destitute, but he was obliged to inform him of the decision of the heads of schools of wisdom that was taken unanimously to disengage. He assured his Excellency during his meeting that he agreed that the club retain his name due to the value of this name in the world of sports, and that he allowed the administrative committee to remain in its headquarters in the old building of wisdom as long as it wishes to do so and without charge. He also stressed that there is no objection to placing the land owned by the Archdiocese in Ain Saadeh, when the Administrative Committee acted on the basis of a clear contract specifying the duties and responsibilities of each of the two parties, as the Archdiocese does not aspire to exploit this land in commercial areas because what concerns them is the health of young people and intellectual youth And physical.

The media office is concerned with stressing that this decision came as a translation of a reality that has lasted for many years, as the Maronite Diocese of Beirut was no longer a mere photo reference for the club. Indeed, decisions such as setting the date for the administrative committee elections, selecting candidates, budgets, contracts with players and coaches, future club orientations, identity, and others, were all taken in the club’s administrative committee and in the general assembly without referring to the Archdiocese, and the head of Al-Hikma School remained an honorary president without powers.

In addition to the foregoing, the face of the current club as a club of professionals at high cost has become strange from the face of the first club that was a club for students of the mother and old school of wisdom in it, as the Archdiocese wants the club to maintain the student nature on the basis of which it was established.

As the media office regrets the comments made by some of the club’s fans on social media that are not related to the ethics of schools of wisdom or to any sports club, it reminds the role of the Archdiocese in supporting the club materially at times and morally at other times in the many tribulations that he knew until stability returns and continues .

In conclusion, we ask God to preserve Lebanon and its youth.

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