The full story .. An English Premier League player declares he is gay and talks about his suffering


A player in the English Premier League announced his homosexuality in an open letter, without revealing his identity to the “lack of readiness” of the sports community, he said.No English Premier League player has declared me gay since Justin Fashanu declared his homosexuality in 1990.

After being subjected to insults and acts of homophobia after declaring his homosexuality, the former Norwich City and Nottingham Forest striker committed suicide in 1998 at the age of 37.Through the Justin Fashanu Foundation, which is run by Amal, his niece, the former player John, the anonymous player posted a message describing his difficult daily life “There is something that distinguishes me from the rest of the Premier League players … I am like me. Even the fact that the matter is written in this letter is a big step for me.” Only members of my family and my close friends circle are aware of my homosexuality. I am not ready yet to share this matter with my team or my coach. “

“This is difficult. We spend most of our lives with these young people (players), and when we enter the field we become one team. After all, there is something inside of me that makes it impossible for me to be open with them about how I feel. I hope to do it soon.” .The Watford striker Troy Denny has recently announced that there is a gay or at least bisexual player in each team.

“I feel trapped, and I fear that my truth will only make matters worse. As my heart tells me to do this, my mind tells me the same thing: Why do you risk everything?”

“In fact, I don’t think football is ready yet to announce the players (their homosexuality). The sport must change radically to feel ready to take an extra step.”

According to the player, this testimonial aims to show how difficult it is for a professional to reveal his homosexuality in the current environment.


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