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Source: Abanoub Sami – Toss News

A group of documentary film experts presented the first ultra-clear video to surface Mars4K resolution, after assembling several real shots of a NASA spacecraft on the surface of the Red Planet

The British “Elder Fox Documentary” group has worked together to combine thousands of diverse shots released by NASA to produce the first high-quality video for the Red Planet.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, the team describes the documentary film, consisting of a 10-minute video, as “the most realistic experience of being on Mars.”

The video, shot by NASA’s “Kerousti” and “Operatonte” cameras, begins with a novel that says, “All the images in this video are real”, before asking viewers to sit back, relax and enjoy this journey through another world.

It is reported that there are no video clips of the red planet from NASA vehicles, but the team installed thousands of images together to create panoramic images that they moved to create a similar effect to direct video.

The video of one thousand pictures taken between November 24 and December 1, 2019, is shown in an area known as Glen Torridon, and another called Meridiani Planum, which shows the effects of “operatonte” vehicle wheels.

The film shows scenes of the desert, such as Cape Verde, the Santa Maria crater, and the John Klein drilling site of the Kerioste.


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