The first lady of Brazil was infected with Corona, days after her husband recovered from it



Tests revealed that the first lady of Brazil, Michelle Bolsonaro, had Covid-19 disease, which her husband, President Jair Bolsonar, appeared to transmit to her before he was cured of it 5 days ago.

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Fifth Brazilian minister injured Corona

Bolsonaro announced a few days ago that he had recovered from the disease caused by the emerging corona virus.

Polsonaro previously told reporters on July 7 that he had the virus and then stayed in the presidential palace in the capital, Brasilia, with his wife for more than two weeks, until he announced on Saturday that the results of his virus detection tests were negative.

Brazil is the second country in the world most affected by the new epidemic of the Corona virus, after the United States, where it recorded two million and 552 thousand cases of the disease, while the number of deaths reached 90 thousand and 134, according to statistics of Johns Hopkins University.

Source: (dpa)


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