The first image of planets orbiting a sun-like star


The European Southern Observatory telescope captured the first image of a young sun-like star accompanied by two giant outer planets.According to the newspaper “Express”, these observations can help astronomers understand the formation and evolution of planets around our sun.

The telescope took the first direct image of a planetary system around a star like our sun, which is 300 light-years away.

Scientists said that this discovery is a snapshot of an environment very similar to our solar system, but at a very early stage in its development.

The orbital distance discovered by the team is really interesting, because one model of planetary system formation presupposes that giant planets form at a distance before migrating inward toward their host star.

The scientists pointed out that there is a different mechanism that produced these planets and placed them in a far orbital distance and formed directly there, or that the planets formed within the common orbits in the solar system and migrated outward.

The planets can be seen in the new image as two bright spots distant from the main star, and by taking various pictures at different times, the team was able to distinguish the planets.


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