The first anniversary of his death..secrets that were not shy about revealing the brave artist Farouk El-Fishawy


With the courage that we often pledged about him, the late great artist Farouk Al-Fishawy himself announced his disease in cancer in October 2018 while honoring him at the opening ceremony of the Alexandria Film Festival, but the disease brought him into a liver coma that led to his death, and Al-Fishawi’s statements about his illness were not his first bold or exciting statements He is known for his many noisy and courageous actions and actions.

Among al-Fishawi’s most daring statements was when he stated that he had betrayed his three wives, because of his errant eye – according to his description – as he stated in a television interview that the woman who regretted not marrying her was the big star, Laila Alawi, and he stated on the program “Al-Sattat Maarefosh “A faithful man is a science fiction, and women must be convinced that one woman is not enough.”

Actress Sumaya Al-Alfi commented on this matter in a television interview with the media Amr El-Laithy. She said that a love story brought him together with Laila Elwi, and she knew this and knew him well..But, strangely enough, the toxicity of al-Alfi did not change from Leila Alawi’s side and she did not hate her – according to her description – as she said, “I did not hate any of the women whom Farouk al-Fishawi had had emotional relationships with.”“.

Complementing Al-Fishawi’s bold statements, he said: “I lived several love stories with some artists, but they were not complete, even if my eyes were not extinct, Mabqash Faruq al-Fishawi, and Ahmed inherited this characteristic from me.”

The media host, Raghida Shalhoub, hosted it on the “100 Questions” program, so he stated that the veil is not an obligation, and that he refuses to enter a veiled woman into his home, and that between him and the artist Nermin Al-Fiqi had a love story that did not culminate in marriage, and that he did not find like Mrs. Sumaya Al-Alfi in his life.

When the journalist hosted him Nishan, he revealed that the reason for his tendency to addiction to drugs is frustration and naivety, and he said: I love trying all that is new, and the reason to get away from it is my son Ahmed, because he was seeing me in an abnormal condition, and he went to his mother and complained to her saying: I will return papers Foil sold the sandwiches home again, so Papa needed him.

Regarding his granddaughter, Lina Said, I feel sorry for everything that happened between us and Lina, Ahmed’s daughter, examining the DNAIt proved that Lena was the daughter of Ahmed, but we were forced at the beginning to take a path that we were dissatisfied with, and so we had to stand by our son, especially since the relationship between him and Lina’s mother was fleeting, but Lena understands the matter right now, and everything is documented on sites Internet.


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