The first absentees from Al-Hilal in front of Al-Nasr in the Riyadh derby


The media, Hammoud Al-Qahtani, revealed a surprise about the absence of a Hilal club official officially from the Riyadh derby against victory in the Professional League.

Al-Hilal clashes with victory in the twenty-third round of the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Cup, Professional League, on August 5.

Al-Qahtani confirmed, through his personal page on the “Twitter” website, that Al-Hilal player Hattan Bahbari will join the list of Al-Hilal’s absences in the waiting derby before Al-Nasr.

Hattan had undergone medical tests, demonstrated that he had recovered from the Corona virus, and was close to joining the team’s preparations to face victory.

It is noteworthy that the star of Al-Hilal, whose name was associated with the departure from the leader in exchange deals, whether from the union in order to contract with Fahd Al-Mawled, or the youth to obtain the services of Abdullah Al-Hamdan.


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