The financial losses of European football clubs from Corona



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The European Clubs Association (ECA) estimated the losses that European football clubs will incur this season and next from the Corona crisis and the accompanying quarantine measures.

The association said in a post that European football clubs will incur losses of about 4 billion euros.

The association’s estimates came based on a study conducted and its results published on the organization’s website. The study did not address the financial returns or profits that football clubs in Europe can derive from the transfer of players.

According to the study, the loss of football clubs in 55 countries this season will reach 1.6 billion euros, while in the 2020-2021 season, clubs are expected to lose about 2.5 billion euros.

“The results indicate that the financial impact of Covid-19 on European clubs now appears to be an earthquake, even with the resumption of some tournaments,” an association official said.

Source: “Novosti”


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