The final trail of The Link is completed – economic – local market


Enrichment Dubai, the real estate development company wholly owned by the Dubai Government Investment Corporation, has completed the final stage of the project of towing and assembling the units of the horizontal “The Link” building, the distinctive engineering mark of the “One Zabeel” project, bringing the length of the structure to about 189 meters Thus, the building is ready to be raised 100 meters above the ground, and takes its final form after adding a protruding platform whose length will be announced later.

The building is currently located above the “Happiness Bridge” in the Dubai Financial District, and it is subject to the final technical touches in preparation for the lifting process later this year.

The features of the “The Link” building became evident gradually, as a series of steel units were towed and assembled to prepare for their lifting. Upon completion of the latest traction, the total weight of the building reached 7100 tons, registering the heaviest weight.

Composite materials of steel and concrete were used in its construction process, and the recent traction of the unit required the generation of a force of 500 tons, which was implemented by a team of experts in the field of engineering, construction, and contracting.

The One Zabeel project is still under development and has gained international fame and attention due to its innovative engineering design. Upon completion, the project will change the concept of mixed-use facilities in the region, so that it will include with its three towers, two “vertical towers, and one horizontal”, “The Link,” luxury residential areas and the first global urban resort.

The panoramic platform from the suspended building will form an integrated destination for travelers, providing them with a luxurious entertainment experience with its atmosphere and charming views of the city and its international restaurants.



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