The famous rapper launches an unconventional campaign to win the American presidency


Rapper Kanye West has officially announced his candidacy for the 2020 US presidential election battle in a funky crowd in Charleston, South Carolina.

West, 43, is running in the election battle as a candidate for a party that has announced its founding and called the Christmas Party (Partyday).

West seemed to be shaping what his political decisions would be, however agreed, and he engaged in a prolonged, unconnected conversation in which he addressed several issues including abortion, as he spoke about slave activist Harriet Tubman.

Some of his fans were wondering if West ‘s last-minute bid to enter the White House was just promotional advertising.

The Charleston crowd failed to clarify whether West’s campaign was serious or not, except that a tweet on his Twitter account that included a song list for a new group and subsequently deleted – raised further speculation.

It was said that the attendance of the crowd – which was held in a wedding and conference hall in the city – was limited to those who registered their name to attend, but the West website did not indicate how to register.

What did West say in front of his crowd?

West appeared in the crowd with a hair shaved so that the number 2020 appears written from behind, and addressed his audience without a microphone. There was also no microphone for the audience, which prompted the audience to repeatedly ask silence so that he could hear the questions posed to him.

And West started crying when he was talking about abortion, saying that his parents were about to abort him: “It wouldn’t have been Kanye West, because my father was so busy.” He added: “And I almost killed my daughter … even if my wife divorced me [كيم كاردشيان وست] After this speech. She brought North to this world against my will.

He then added, however, that he believed abortion should remain legal, but with material support for mothers suffering, and suggested that “everyone with a child be given a million dollars.”

He said: “The only thing that can free us is to obey the rules that enable us to reach the promised land where absolute happiness is.”

And he added: “Abortion should be legal because – and think with me – the law is not from God in any case, so what is the legitimacy in the first place?”

Another moment he engaged in an impromptu conversation about activist calling for the abolition of slavery Harriet Tubman, and said: “Harriet Tubman did not really liberate slaves, but rather moved them to work for other white people.”

Tubman was a slave, but managed to escape from a Maryland farm in 1849 and was 27 years old at the time. Then she returned to the south to save other slaves in a network of safe roads and housing known as “underground railways,” risking her life to lead people to freedom.

Aina West was in tears when he spoke of his mother, who died in 2007 while undergoing a plastic surgery.

West’s speech was angered by some – especially because of his talk about Tubman, but he was also greeted with concern about the safety of his health.

Jason Nichols, professor of African-American studies at the University of Maryland, told the BBC that he feared the appearance of West dispersed would refer to a “manic episode”, despite admitting that he was not a psychologist.

“He admitted in the past that he suffers from mental illness, and that he does not take his medications sometimes,” he said, adding: “He was more coherent than he had appeared in previous times, when he was engaging in these frustrated conversations, but I really think that he is currently in a bad situation, He said very strange things. ”

Will Kanye West be listed?

The date before which Lost – who announced his intention to fight the presidency on the fourth of this month – has entered his name to qualify for the race in a number of states, and he needs to collect enough signatures to qualify for election in other states.

West qualified for the presidential election in Oklahoma last week, and was the first state to have met the conditions for running before the deadline.

He needs to collect 10,000 signatures by 5 GMT on Monday to qualify for election in South Carolina.


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