The English Community Shield on August 29 at Wembley Stadium


London – The English Football Association announced Wednesday that the Community Shield match, which brings together the Premier League champions and the cup competition, will take place on August 29 at Wembley Stadium in London.
The match between Liverpool, crowned the champions for the first time since 1990, and the winner of the cup final scheduled for Saturday between Arsenal and London’s Chelsea, will be held two weeks before the start of the new season of the Premier League.
According to the reports, the Community Shield match could be a test of officials’ ability to deal with a limited number of fans in the stands in light of the consequences of the emerging Corona virus, in preparation for the return of the public to more stadiums with a commitment to apply the rules of social divergence from October 1.
There will be a pause between the Community Shield match and the League kickoff to allow the first matches of the second edition of the European League to be played between September 2 and 10.
The English Premier League announced last week that the start of the new season will be on September 12, to end on May 23, 2021. – (AFP)


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