The dog is dead … The full story of the problem of Basma Bousil with the neighbors


The past few hours have witnessed an event that surprised many, after Basma Bousil, the wife of the artist Tamer Hosni, issued a report against her neighbors due to their predatory dog’s assault on her dog, which resulted in some injuries to her small dog, as she went to the police department and wrote a report against the neighbors in the Rabwah compound in the city sheikh Zayed.

This incident revealed a real crisis experienced by the residents of this place, which means that the matter was not new. The compound in which the artist Tamer Hosni lives, some of his residents raise predatory dogs that represent a danger to humans, which threatens the lives of young children in the event that these dogs leave The range of villas inside and prevented by fences, which is what happened in the case of Basma Bousil’s dog.

The dog of its neighbors was without restrictions, and he took advantage of the busyness of his companions, and went out of his place to find in front of him a small dog “Lulu” and he killed him, and this resulted in serious injuries to the small dog, which led to his death shortly thereafter, to direct Basma Bousil to the Sheikh Zayed Police Station and release a record number No. 2403 against its neighbors, and the prosecution began an investigation.

Immediately after this step, Tamer Hosni’s neighbors continued with him to try to compensate him financially for the killing of his dog, but he refused, stressing that the matter is not related to the materialities, but the nature of the problem itself. Children and the elderly, so he asked them cordially to keep the dog away from the place and he will give up the record, especially as he does not question their good intentions.

Tamer Hosni also communicated with the compound management responsible for maintaining the calmness of the place and providing a safe environment for everyone, and asked them to find a solution to the problem of predatory dogs that have become filling the compound, especially as he is afraid for his young daughters to be exposed to this situation after the place has become unsafe for him and his family, Consequently, he will take legal measures in the event that the compound cannot evacuate it from predatory dogs.

How will the criminal scrutiny affect the Lebanese scene?


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