The disappearance of the honorable pilot in the Philippines … a year and a half of mystery and confusion! Saudi News


The mystery of the disappearance of the Saudi pilot Abdullah Al-Sharif in the Philippines remains insurmountable and unknown, and despite the passage of an entire year and a half of his disappearance, his family is still making more efforts to decipher the code of his pilot’s disappearance, as it has been active on social media platforms looking for a solution to the puzzle, especially After closing the air traffic, and its members try in various ways to reach their son after all these labyrinths. Pilot Abdullah’s brother Abdul Majeed reports to Okaz that the year and a half that witnessed his brother’s disappearance is full of individual attempts and efforts from the family, and so far it has not been found, indicating that the Philippine authorities have been stalling the case as if they are hiding something that the family does not know.Al-Sharif adds that they did everything they could and still cling to the ray of hope and all confidence in the Lord of the Worlds and then in the Saudi embassy to do more to find his brother Abdullah, who suddenly disappeared 420 days ago. It is noteworthy that the student Abdullah Al-Sharif is studying with his brother Al-Tayaran at their own expense in the Philippines, and he went out with his Filipino coach for training to disappear on May 17, 2018 and they have not found any trace so far. His family asserts that their information indicates that the plane disappeared, did not crash, and that Abdullah and his Filipino escort were alive.


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