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Everyone agrees that the Saudi Federation is doing its best to bring the Saudi ball to the development that raises the name of our Saudi sport, according to the capabilities entrusted to the agreed systems. “Okaz” surveyed a group of sports coaches and analysts about keeping the seven foreigners, and changing the mechanism of players born, where he spoke National coach and sports analyst Abdulaziz Al-Khaled said: There is no doubt that the Saudi Football Association is making good efforts to develop Saudi football to reach the Saudi league to be one of the best leagues in the world, and this is a legitimate right and goal that can be achieved in light of the great support enjoyed by Saudi sport, and from These steps keep the number of the seven foreign players, as well as reduce the number of births and other decisions. From a technical point of view, I see that the presence of 7 foreign players has a lot of positives to raise the spirit of competition and bring the levels closer between clubs, there is no doubt that this is a very important point, but the problem that I see greatly affects is the narrowing of the space on the Saudi player and his distance from the stadium, competition and official matches And thus this negatively affects the Saudi national team, especially since some foreign players have very normal levels, but they are given the full opportunity and patience is extended for long periods at the expense of the Saudi player, and there is a problem that will confront the clubs participating in the Asian Champions, as the number of them is only 4 players And, therefore, when the Saudi player refuses to participate, he attends a modest technical performance in the Champions League, due to his distance from competition and regular participation, and in my view the best number is 4 + 1, to give the Saudi player more opportunities, and I believe that reducing the number of births is a good decision for the failure of the experience Originally, Saudi talents are many, but they need attention, care and opportunity. He added, I would have liked to do a technical analysis of the reality and find the negatives and positives in the experience to take the most positive decisions, as it became very clear that the performance of the Saudi players was far from being away from the competitions, especially the goalkeepers, attackers and the heart of the defense. The responsibility rests with the player himself, so he must work very hard and diligently, discipline and professionalism and compete with the foreigner with full force and challenge, and I wish to be satisfied with foreign players in the first degree and the abolition of the foreigner in the second degree to give more opportunities to the Saudi players, because football is a good outlet for youth and levels of foreigners in the first The second is that I think it is very ordinary, and unfortunately they are given the opportunity in our clubs at the expense of our children. While the national coach Mohamed Al Abdali said, there is no doubt that the matter of foreign players is an important aspect in terms of the technical level of the league, since the presence of a large number of the league of foreign players increases the strength of competition and skill for the tournament while at the same time affects the national teams, and kills the emergence of new young players In the league because of the large number of foreign players, the Saudi League has passed several decisions on the number of foreign players allowed to participate in the league, and if we touch on the last three seasons the number of players was 4, then it increased in the season 17-18 to 7, and in the season 18-19 to 8 players, adding a player from the births category and it is now being modified to become 7 players and children born in the remaining league competitions for professionals, and four +1 for the first division, and of course all this because of the non-expiration of contracts with the players and perhaps we will witness in the coming period a study and evaluation of The Saudi Federation accepted the pros and cons of the previous stage or stages to make a firm and decisive decision to ensure a balance between the strength of the league and the strength of national teams, and highlighting young talents. With sports analyst Saud Al-Hammad said, the Saudi Football Association approved the identification of the number of foreign professional players and births in the coming season based on what the eligibility of the conditions of the players presented, but not after sufficient study and coordination with the Ministry of Sports, which in turn is consulting the Ministry of Finance regarding players ’contracts Foreigners, which cost a lot through the continuation of 7 players and their high salaries, and there may be other things that are hidden from us in terms of making these decisions. On the positive side, the seven foreign players continue to raise the level of the Saudi league from a technical point of view relatively and reduce technical differences between the teams of clubs, and this What we saw during the last and current season, and for newborn players, I hope that the benefit of them will be greater in raising the level of their teams in the excellent, first and second levels, and also in the Sunni sectors and benefit from them in the future in the national teams after they are naturalized, and there are negative things in this matter increasing the financial burden On the clubs through the continuation of the seven foreign players and not reducing them in addition to not discovering new Saudi talents, and some will be locked in the deck for you The richness of foreign players on the field during matches and the Saudi green victim, who has been suffering from the absence of star players in some centers, which were previously filled with a number of football talents.


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