The company that designed American presidents’ clothing is going bankrupt due to SK



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Brooks Brothers police store in New York – Archive

The American brand “Brooks Brothers” declared bankruptcy after incurring heavy losses due to the Corona crisis, after it wore a majority of American presidents, and its uniforms and shirts attracted the attention of international personalities.

The company announced in a press statement, that it “requested legal protection under Chapter XI of the American law on bankruptcy cases, which allows companies to restructure themselves without their creditors.”

It is worth noting that customers of this brand will be able to continue to wear their clothes since the owner of “Italian Brooks Brothers”, Italian businessman, Claudio del Vecchio, will sell and will not stop working again.

According to the statement, “the sale of the company was on the table before the epidemic, as part of strategic studies on its future.”

A spokesman for “Brooks Brothers” said, “The (Covid-19) epidemic has severely damaged our activities, as the quarantine measures closed the stores for weeks.”

The epidemic prompted the company to shut down 51 stores in the United States, which owns 500 stores in the world, including two hundred in North America.

Since its establishment in 1818, this American company has worn a majority of American presidents, including John Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt, and the late French President, Jacques Chirac, was also a fan of the shirts and costumes of this brand, while Nicolas Sarkozy wore in the official photo taken at the Elysee Palace in 2007 , The company-made outfit “just like the one Kennedy wore.”

Source: “Wakalat”


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