The bill of 5 amps will reach 250 thousand pounds .. Switching off motors is a must!


Al-Akhbar wrote:A constant darkening that continues despite official promises of a solution. It also includes generators, after some of them went out completely, as a result of the loss of diesel and its price on the black market reached 36 thousand pounds. But, in contrast, the Ministry of Energy and “Electricity of Lebanon” confirmed that the relief came soon, after the arrival of the last hydrocarbons operating factories, and after the arrival of approximately 90,000 tons of diesel in the coming period.

For more than twenty years, private generators, at their disadvantages and high costs, have been a reliable alternative to a state that is unable to secure the minimum duties it has for citizens. In exchange for broken electricity and false promises that the legalization era is over, generators have formed insurance that citizens pay for in order to obtain a minimum level of energy stability. Two weeks ago, the insurance was not enough. Almost complete absence of state electricity, which, in some areas, reached 22 hours per day, generators have been unable to compensate for a long time. In turn, it imposed a legalization in addition to legalizing the state, and the result was a near-total darkness that affected a number of regions. During the past two days, the situation worsened, and generators were completely extinguished, as a result of the loss of diesel from the market and the result of long operating periods. This rationing of the generators did not allow to touch the slight improvement that occurred after emptying the fuel ship in the tanks of the EDL, which raised production from 500 MW to 875 MW. Therefore, Beirut’s entrances witnessed gatherings protesting against the state of electricity.

Some of them have to buy diesel with “gallons” in order not to extinguish their generators, but if this material continues to be lost, extinguishing may be inevitable, says the head of the generator group, Abdo Saadeh. Note that the large scarcity was accompanied by an exceptional rise in the price of the plate, which yesterday reached 36 thousand pounds. In the past days, oil refineries were closed to the owners of the stations, after the facilities management restricted the remaining fuel reserves they had to secure the needs of hospitals and ovens.

The problem is that official justifications or promises no longer convince anyone. People cut off the roads at the entrances to Beirut, condemning the power and water cuts. The electricity crisis is still limited to its absence. At the end of the month, the crisis will also be financial. The subscriber’s bill of 5 amps is expected to reach 250 thousand liras.

The owners of the generators were satisfied with false promises and the complete absence of the Ministry of Energy from taking responsibility. Therefore, it was known that the generator owners will move, on Monday, to the government buildings after they lost hope in the Ministry of Energy. One of them says that if the Minister of Energy were to intend, instead of going to the Ministry, to fly to Iraq or any other country, and not to return unless by signing an agreement to supply oil derivatives. His Excellency, in turn, goes to the demand to end the generators ’owners’ submission to merchants, expressing the group’s willingness to import diesel directly, if credits are opened for it..

And if the gathering is concerned about the aggravation of the crisis, the relevant official authorities insist on spreading optimism. Energy Minister Raymond Ghajar said, after a meeting held by President Hassan Diab with the Board of Directors of the Lebanese Electricity Corporation, that “the electricity crisis is on its way to a solution in stages. There is a ship that arrived last week, and another will arrive at the end of this week, provided that it reaches the gas ships – Oil next week, which will lead to an increase in electricity production, thus significantly improving nutrition. “.
Likewise, the EDL noted, in a statement, that “the electrical current started to improve slightly with the end of the fuel oil steamer. Grade B From the unloading of its payload on 12/7/2020 to operate the two reverse motors in Al-Zawq, Jiyeh and the two energy-producing steamers, which allowed about 375 additional MW to be placed on the grid. Also, the nutrition is expected to improve further with the unloading of the vessel loaded with fuel oil Grade A The old Taste and Jiyyeh plants are required to be loaded within the next two days as expected, allowing more than 230 MW to be added to the network after restarting the Taste Factory..

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