The biggest changes to Gmail’s email design


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The biggest changes to Gmail’s email design, today, Friday, July 17, 2020 1:51 PM

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GOOGLE is beginning to unveil an exciting redesign of its Gmail service, which promises to boost your productivity by entering the kind of features that it usually associates with Microsoft Outlook, Word, and the maestro Zoom video call, into a single app. Here’s what you can expect to see on iPhone, Android and PC. Google dropped Hangouts from the left side of the Gmail inbox, and replaced them with Google Meet to meet the surge in demand for video calls as millions stay at home for work, study, and social media. There is also a Google Chat option, which allows you to send instant messages with colleagues or friends, if you prefer to send a text message, rather than calling via video or voice call.But the most beneficial change is the ability to view the full Google Docs file along with the ongoing Google Meet call, all through the Gmail online interface. With everything displayed side-by-side, you’ll be able to take notes, read the agenda or take ideas without switching between windows during a video call. The rooms are also where you will find the ability to create group conversations to collaborate with colleagues and friends on various assignments.

If you’re working on a lightweight device, like a Chromebook, iPad Pro, or Surface Pro, this redesign should be a huge boost to your productivity as you can now integrate everything into one browser window.

In addition to editing “Docs Along with Chat,” Google will now allow you to make video calls so you can continue your meeting, at the same time as you crawl incoming mail and compose emails. All of this means that there is not a single task, whether you are Take notes on Google Docs, make a video call, or answer an email.

Adding new tabs also allows you to view shared files and tasks while you are in a meeting. In addition to Google Meet video calls inside Gmail on your smartphone and tablet, Google also added chat and rooms to the navigation bar that runs along the bottom of the screen.
Unfortunately, there is no information as to when the new Gmail will be available to every Google Account owner, either online or on iPhone or Android, according to British online newspaper Express.


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