The Bahrain Stock Exchange is red at the beginning of the week, due to pressure from the banking and investment sectors


The general index of the Bahrain Financial Market declined, at the end of the trading session on Sunday, the beginning of the week’s sessions, by 0.87%, losing 11.32 points, to close at 1291.16 points, for the fourth consecutive session. The trading volume reached 4.9 million shares, at a value of 371 thousand dirhams, and the Bahrain Stock Exchange fell the banking sector Al-Tijaria decreased by 38.67% due to pressure from the share of Ahli United Bank by 2.4%, Al-Salam Bank-Bahrain by 2.74%, then the investment sector decreased by 3.89% due to pressures of the share of Bahrain Commercial Facilities Company by 7.63%, GFH Financial Group increased by 0.68%, The services sector also fell by a decrease of 2.45% due to the pressure of the share of Bahrain Duty Free Shop Complex by 2.65%, while the share of Khaleeji Commercial Bank rose by 7.89%.

In a related context, Investcorp announced today, Sunday, that the company “Net See Capital Management”, which contributed to the capital of its establishment, exceeded its managed assets, exceeding two billion dollars, in addition to its main strategy of $ 1.8 billion, Net Tree completed the establishment of the first financing fund with capital Committed to about $ 320 million, and the fund was launched to invest primarily in the debts of troubled and debt-burdened companies, focusing on medium-sized issuers in North America, and the fund is compatible with the Net See investment strategy in order to take advantage of periods of market turmoil to seize opportunities Credit investment for attractive companies.

In another context, INOVEST announced that the date of the board meeting had been changed to Tuesday, July 28, at exactly one o’clock in the afternoon, where the financial statements for the period ending on June 30, 2020 will be discussed and approved.

In another context, Bahrain Commercial Facilities Company announced that the date of the board of directors meeting to discuss and approve the financial statements for the period ending on June 30, 2020, scheduled for Monday, corresponding to August 6, will be changed to Wednesday August 12 at 3.30 pm.


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