The announcement of the iPhone 12 Series will take place in September, and the launch will take place the following month


There are many rumors regarding the launch date of the iPhone 12 Series phones. Some believe that Apple will announce its new smartphones in September, while some believe this will happen later. However, according to the latest report from Wedbush analysts, they say the announcement of the iPhone 12 Series lineup will happen next September.

However, they also say that although the phones may be announced in September, you do not expect to be able to purchase them until October. This seems to be roughly in line with what we’ve heard in the past, although this doesn’t make these rumors true, as Apple hasn’t officially announced anything yet.

And in case you hadn’t heard about it before, it was reported recently that Apple decided to postpone the launch of the iPhone 12 Series lineup to October or November for a variety of reasons, even though the outbreak of COVID-19 was the main cause. Because of the epidemic, factories worldwide are forced to temporarily close their doors. This prevented countries from traveling, which prevented Apple engineers from going to places like China to test devices before they were introduced to production lines.

There were also some economic concerns as the epidemic made many people unemployed due to companies being forced to close, so it was reported that Apple decided to delay the launch for about a month or two to give the economy some time to recover. Either way, we won’t know for sure until Apple announces the launch date, so please handle everything that has been said so far with minimal enthusiasm.


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