The Amman Stock Exchange closed its trading higher


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The Amman Stock Exchange closed its trading higher today, Sunday 19 July 2020 01:31 pm

Saraya – The total trading volume on Sunday 19/07/2020 reached about (2.8) million dinars, and the number of traded shares (4.1) million shares, executed through (1,795) contracts.

As for price levels, the general price index for stocks closed to this day rose to (1582.10) points, an increase of (0.22%).

Comparing the closing prices of the companies traded for the day, which numbered (97) companies with their previous closings, (42) companies showed an increase in their share prices, and (19) companies showed a decrease in their share prices.

At the sector level, the service sector index increased by 0.34%, the financial sector index increased by 0.23%, and the industrial sector index increased by 0.21%.

As for the sub-sectors, the index has risen for the media sector, hotels and tourism, transportation, electrical industries, technology and communications, medicine and medical industries, food and beverages, real estate, extractive and mining industries, banks, commercial services, engineering and construction industries, Energy and Utilities, Miscellaneous Financial Services 4.76%, 1.37%, 1.31%, 1.27%, 0.62%, 0.59%, 0.52%, 0.47%, 0.40%, 0.24%, 0.20%, 0.15%, 0.15%, 0.09%, respectively . The index of the health services, insurance, and chemical industries sectors decreased 0.18%, 0.17%, and 0.01%, respectively.

As for the five companies with the highest increase in their share prices, they are Amwaj Real Estate by (9.09%), the National Cable and Wire Industry by (7.69%), Jordanian Industrial Resources by (6.67%), Societe Generale Bank – Jordan by (5.00%), and Investment Holding for Jordanian expatriates (5.00%).

As for the five companies that are the lowest in their share prices, they are International for Medical Investments by (4.58%), Barter for Transport and Investment by (4.55%), Exporting Business and Projects by (4.44%), Jordanian Management and Consulting by (4.44%), and Al Sanabel International for Islamic Investments Holding Company (3.57%).

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