The American ambassador threatens Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab!


The world – Lebanon

The Lebanese newspaper, Al-Akhbar, wrote today, Monday, that Chia sent to Diab, through mutual friends, tough-worded letters accusing him of implementing Hezbollah’s agenda in the government. Informed sources say that these messages have increased in frequency, especially after information about the possibility of Lebanon opening up economically to cooperation with Iraq, and to accepting Chinese investments.

According to the news, the Ambassador of the United States of America does not cease to practice insolence She insists on acting as if she is the country’s supreme ruler. After her public statements in which she specified the specifications of the Lebanese government that she is satisfied with and her political options (a government of specialists without Hezbollah), according to the sources, the ambassador touched the prime minister’s seriousness in opening doors that help relieve pressure on Lebanon in light of the American siege, confirming that Diab ignores messages Shea does not answer. In front of those who meet them, he expressed his anger at her behavior and her blatant interference in the affairs of the country, indicating that, like her country, they do not want to help Lebanon and do not want Lebanon to act according to its interest..

The world – Lebanon


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