The actress Sawsan Badr is expressing her desire to marry for the eighth time .. She sets forth her conditions!


Egyptian actress Sawsan Badr has expressed her desire to be associated with a man for the eighth consecutive time after her marriage 7 times until today, but the Egyptian cinema “Nefertiti” set conditions for this connection as an adult woman.

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Badr revealed that she was not reluctant to associate with a man again, joking with the audience by saying: “I don’t like him again,” but she dictated the conditions for this link live.

She stated in a television interview that her view of life changed dramatically as a result of her advanced age and experience, so what will govern her in the next choice – if any – is her mind, and you will search for requirements in this person that you did not search for before.

She noted that among these requirements is that there be consensus in nature and customs, because friendliness, respect and desire for a common life are more important, better and more beautiful than love, which is what you are looking for.

The artist Badr is the daughter of actress Amal Salem, and she is called “Nefertiti Egyptian Cinema” because of her distinguished Egyptian and Pharaonic features. She studied at the Institute of Performing Arts.

And during her interview with Wafaa Al-Kilani during the maze program, Sawsan Badr revealed that she had been married seven times.

The first time, she was a student at the Institute of Performing Arts from her teacher, Osama Abu Talib, and the marriage lasted for 5 years, during which she gave birth to his only daughter, Yasmine, then they separated because she was busy at work.

The second time she married a famous doctor and the marriage lasted for 4 years and ended in divorce.

The third time from a businessman residing abroad and the marriage did not last more than 4 months due to his death.

The fourth time was from cyanrist Mohsen Zayed in 2001 and he died after less than a month of marriage.

The fifth time was from the director Bassem Mahfouz Abdel Rahman.

The sixth time was from Farid al-Murshidi, the son of Nahid Farid Shawqi, who was 20 years younger than her, and the marriage lasted for 4 years until the separation.

And the last time was from the poet Sameh Al Ali, who was 10 years younger than her, and their marriage did not last more than 6 months.

Source: “Okaz” + RT


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