Tests for 50 people who mixed with actor Wajih Saqr!


Under the supervision of Dr. Natalie Rizk and commissioned by the Ministry of Public Health, a specialized team from Al-Bouar Governmental Hospital conducted PCR examinations in the courtyard of St. Sarkis and Bakhos Church in the town of Beja – Jbeil District, for approximately 50 people from the towns of Beja, Al-Khariba and Jadayel, who mixed with actor Wajih Saqr Who was confirmed to be infected with his mother and infected with the Corona virus while they were blocking themselves in their home in the town, in the presence of the mayor of Jbeil Natali Merhi El Khoury, the mayor, Rustam Saibi, members of the municipal council and the crisis cell in the town and the chosen Michel El Hajj. The mayor of Jbeil noted “the awareness that the people of the town showed, as they committed to the house quarantine as soon as they were informed of the infection of one of its sons with the virus, and the measures taken by the municipality to prevent the spread of the epidemic,” stressing that it is in constant contact with the Ministry of Health, the governor of Mount Lebanon, Judge Muhammad Mekkawi, and the judicial doctor, Dr. Wissam Saadeh The Lebanese Red Cross, mayors and mayors in the judiciary, in order to “take all necessary measures to preserve the safety of citizens, especially after a number of casualties were recently proven, in a number of towns in the Byblos district.”

And it renewed the call of the people to “abide by the preventive measures to prevent the recurrence of this epidemic in the Jbeil district, which had not recorded any injuries during the past two months.” In turn, Al-Saibi thanked the Ministry of Health and Al-Bouar Governmental Hospital for their “response by sending a medical team to carry out checks from the townspeople and the neighborhood who had mingled with Representative Saqr, whether during their participation in Sunday mass or in the sporting activity that was held in the town,” stressing that “the town is not affected as Some people are trying to spread rumors about it. ” He declared that, “PCR tests conducted for a number of the townspeople in one of the private laboratories during the past two days, all their results were negative,” calling on the people to “not fear and panic.” And hoping that “today’s exams will also come negative,” he stressed “the need for citizens to adhere to health preventive guidance in their movements and work,” stressing that “the municipality and the crisis cell are on their side to help them in any topic they need in this regard.” He stressed that “Representative Saqr and his mother are committed to the home stone, and that the municipality insures all their requirements to the home, and that their Ethiopian servant, whose results were negative, will have a PCR examination done to make sure she again has no epidemic.”

He affirmed, “The municipalities’ commitment to the instructions issued by the District Commissioner and the competent authorities on this matter,” thanking the Lebanese Red Cross and the Khoury for their “readiness, cooperation and constant watch over the service of man and society.” Corona Local Dollar Crunch Files July 22, 2020 Corona July 23, 2020 Anti-corruption | July 22, 2020 The most recited Al-Hariri: Today we lost a dear friend, a crime that shakes Turkey, the last words of the young doctor Luay Ismail who killed him

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