Tehran and Baghdad plan to raise trade exchange to 20 billion dollars … and the two capitals are on the threshold of an agreement on foreign currency – Al-Bina Newspaper


He said President The ministers Iraqi Mustafa Al-Kazemi Through conference journalist Mutual With President Iranian advantage Rohani, yesterday, that Iraq craving For the sake of With Iran On principle Non Intervention in a Affairs The interior.

و .ضاف Al-Kazemi that Relations Iraq External Depends On principle Balance And get away About Which Axes, لذلك The Iraq will not Allow that is being over there Which A threat For Iran From His lands.

In turn, He said Rohani it’s a I have Iran Ability On Meet need Iraq in a the field The healthy Valdivia, Advisory to me it’s a Search With Al-Kazemi Issues Regional وتفشي Corona, مؤكداً that Iran Undertake For Iraq To stand up to me his side In all Its energies.

واعتبر Rohani that Visit President The ministers Iraqi it will be A turn in a relations between The two countries The two friends And the two brothers, لافتاً to me it’s a Search With Al-Kazemi Issues Region And its stability والدور Which Can that Playing it Iraq As a country Arabic Strong in a Security Regional.

Wolf Rohani Through Conference Journalist Subscriber With Al-Kazemi, to me it’s a «Through interval took over Al-Kazemi presidency The ministers We have seen Sophisticated in a the movement Commercial between The two countries . What We discussed it Today»، مؤكداً it’s a «I have Iran Ability On Meet need Iraq in a the field Healthy والدوائي And they are ready To share Destinations look between Responsible Health professionals».

و .شار Rohani to me that Sides Search As well Development And development relations Commercial between The two countries, Stressing On that over there «will Iranian لططوير relations لتصل to me Volume 20 Billion Dollars An American».

و .كد Rohani Determination The two countries On Implementation Agreements The site Previously, From Between them Issue Brown Infrastructure Economic وتصال Methods Iron between خرمشهر And Basra Scraping Shatt The Arabs.

And it was President room Trading Shared between Iran Wal-Iraq, He said that Visit President Ministers Iraq, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, For Iran Have Importantly big in a Strongen وتطوير relations Bilateral.

وذكر Administrator that the plan Drawn between The two countries she upload Volume Exchange Commercial to me 20 Billion Dollars, according to Agency «Erna» Iranian.

و .وضح that Issues Economic And follow up What Done the agreement on him Through Visits Officials The two countries لةزالة Problems والعوائق Economic it will be On Ladder Priorities The two countries.

و .ضاف «Initialization The floor And planning لرفع Exchange Commercial لبلوغه 20 Billion Dollars between Iran والعراق she From Threads Which Will search it President Ministers Iraq in a Tehran».

as such Will be Touched on to me Debt Iraq For Iran about energy And electricity والتي Done Negotiation About it Already, وتقدر about three Billions Dollars وسيتم Through the visit put Table My time To pay it off.

And in Context, Advertise Director Affairs International in a the bank Central Iranian One who praises قنبري ، About near Reach For an agreement Concerning the currency Foreign between Iran والعراق.

و .وضح Administrator, Which Accompany Minister External Iranian Mohammed Javad ظريف in a Visit it For Baghdad Sunday the past With a goal Procedure Negotiations Banking With the side Iraqi that Discussions she was Helpful And constructive between Sides, It will inform Stage The Final in a Visit President The ministers Iraqi والفد Accompanying for him to me Tehran Today Tuesday.

و .ضاف it’s a From Expected in a Now Check The matter, that Is flowing Cash Foreigner marked On market (Local) Reach For billions several, What Will contribute in a coverage part Large From the demand On the currency Foreign.

The Iranian Central Bank and its Iraqi counterpart signed a memorandum of cooperation related to banking and financial ties last year, while Kanbari indicated that the negotiations of the day before yesterday come as an extension of the memorandum concluded, and that the visit of the Iranian Central Bank Governor Abdel Nasser Hemati to Iraq last month comes in the same framework.


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