Teacher dismissal: Forced resignations and settling of accounts


Thousands of teachers in the private sector spent this year under several names: economic, precautionary, proactive, and malicious … and the result is the same: stripping them of their rights gained by the sword of persuasive disguised by coercive resignations, and meager and selective compensation whose value fades at every moment. It seemed remarkable that some schools used the “stifling economic situation” as an excuse to settle their accounts with union professors, who made up a significant percentage of the expenses.With the stroke of a pen, religious and secular educational institutions have written off dozens of years, striking the wall with the social and psychological security of teachers, in an “unprecedented crime”, as described by a group of “unions and trade unionists without restrictions” that handed over Minister of Education Tareq Al-Majzoub, after a sit-in carried out in front of the Ministry building, A memorandum made up of seven specific demands that seek to reassure teachers of their unknown fate, namely: Inviting the Ministry to exercise its oversight role through financial audits of educational institutions ’accounts, verifying that they are genuinely incapable, and obligating them to return the expenses if the opposite is proven; Forming decentralized educational wheel courts that do justice to teachers and are not affected by political pressures; Protect laws to abolish Article 29 (allowing the headmaster to spend professors each year provided they are notified before July 5 of each year), and replace them by requiring the institution to notify those who wish to spend at least a year before, provided that the disbursement is justified and monitored legally; The Ministry of Education embraces the dismissed teachers and integrates them into the formal sector; Obliging schools to keep the children of teachers who spent the two years free of charge for a period of two years due to the exceptional economic situation, and until the teacher or the teacher finds another school and installs them, the health coverage of the expenditures continues until an alternative job is found; The adoption of exceptional measures in the compensation and mutual support funds takes into account the current reality.

Majzoub promised to work to integrate the expenses in formal education and keep their children for one year in school for free

Al-Majzoub informed the group’s delegation that he was in the process of preparing a draft law guaranteeing the right of non-stop teachers in the compensation and social security funds, with a promise to seek to obtain the institutions ’approval to keep children of teachers who spent at least one year in school and teach them for free, and studied the possibility of integrating the expenses in the formal education that is expected To witness an unprecedented attack from the students, the beginning of the next academic year.
The group’s move towards the Ministry of Education was in coordination with the Teachers ’Union, while the parents looked forward to the completion of audits in the budgets of private schools and the appointment of accounting experts for this purpose, and the formation of educational arbitration councils to resolve disputes between families and departments, these two days, with the end of the ten-day deadline given by the Minister of Education In his press conference on the allocation of the Cabinet of Ministers, 500 billion pounds of aid for private and formal education.


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