Syrian actress Sabah Al-Salem is back in the limelight after 15 years in prison


Habit actress Syrian morning Al-Salem to me Interface From new With Release picture Modern to her On Account a companyAttar Productions And distribution Artwork، د distance Absence Its reason Enter it the prison Duration 15 Year Because Issue Drugs.

And she suffered Al-Salem Adult From Age 63 Year From events Exciting للجدل in a Her career, From Most notable Show it To molest On hand One Directors in a Basement Building Enterprise the public للسينما.

وتورطت Later in a Issue Drugs, Says It دُسّت to her in a Coffee Until Addicted to it, So I started Manufactures it From Yes the use Profile, Before that Complete Captured on her.

وتعليقاً On Pictures Which Posted by The company, Wrote Its director Deft Attar: “I was the most beautiful In attendance And creatively And shiningly, star par excellence, talent Made is yours Lots From Enemies despite Oppression Time Freeze Kin And friends“.

و .ضاف: “morning Al-Salem Kindness You will come back For your stardom و .لقك. Make me happy Meet you Today و .حسست Your happiness. Thank you للمخرج I found out Anzor, Thank you the artist Mohsen Gaseous Thank you Mazen Lotfi And all From stood up to me Her part in a Her ordeal“.

to her


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