Surprise Al-Hilal supports the “rebellion” of the Victory Stars … and kidnaps Fahd Al-Mawlid and the “Big Trio”


In the past few days, Al-Hilal’s board of directors, headed by Fahd Bin Nafel, has been subjected to violent criticism because of the loss of many important deals, in the interest of the direct competitor, “Victory”.

And victory hit the market in the current Mercato summer market, by contracting 6 deals, to support the ranks of the first football team; Including: “Amin Bukhari, Abdullah Al-Shanqeeti, Abdulaziz Al-Alawi, Abdul Majeed Al-Salliham, Sultan Al-Anazi, Abdul-Fattah Asiri.”

For his part, Al-Hilal, in a single deal only, was satisfied in the current summer Mercato, in preparation for the new sports season 2020-2021, with the signing of goalkeeper Abdullah Al-Jadaani, coming from the first football team in Al-Wahda Club.

A large segment of Al Hilal fans believes that the board of directors should have moved better in the Mercato market, especially in light of the age of a number of the big stars who made the glory of the first football team before.

In response to this attack, graduation leaks started regarding the plan of the Al Hilal Club board of directors to strengthen the ranks of the first football team and strike the eternal rivals victory, as follows ..

First: Waiving certain deals to support the “rebellion” within the ranks of Al-Nasr Club.

SecondlyMeeting between Fahad Bin Nafel and Romanian Razvan Lusescu, first team coach.

Third: Hitting hard in the market in Mercato, and kidnapping a group of the largest deals in Saudi Arabia.

Reviews “Saudi Sport“In a comprehensive report, all the leaks that occurred in the past few hours, regarding the past three axes …

* Rebellion support

The journalist Fahd Al-Rouqi, in statements to the “Sports Harvest” program, questioned the strength of the deals that were won by victory in the current summer Mercato, saying: “The yellow team cannot compete for tournaments and titles, with players coming from the first and second levels, such as (Al-Shanqeeti and Al-Allawi) Al-Enezi).

On the Asiri Grand Bargain, the sports journalist hinted that Al Hilal abandoned the player, because he did not have a place in the first football team, and to prevent the discord that could be contracted with, with the huge amount of money he requested.

Al-Ruqi claimed that Al-Hilal’s withdrawal, and implicated victory, in Asiri’s deal, where a large number of key local players could rebel inside Al-Alamy Castle when they watch a reserve player – meaning Abdel Fattah – who gets 3 times their salary, and he sits most Matches, on the bench.

* Fire meeting

As for the media, Abdel Karim Al-Hamad, he revealed a fiery meeting, which gathered Fahd bin Navel, President of Al Hilal, and Romanian Razvan Lucescu, the technical director of the first team, to draw up the work plan in the coming period.

In statements to the “Sports Harvest” program, Al-Hamad stated that Bin Nafel asked Lucescu to replace and renew the ranks of the first football team by reducing dependence on older players and giving young people an opportunity.

It seems that the meeting between Ben Nafel and Lucescu, which Al-Hamad has revealed, coincides with the latest media statements and press reports, which talked about the establishment of the Romanian coach; The following ..

First: Convincing the great leader, Mohamed Chalhoub, “39 years old,” to retire at the end of the season.

Secondly: Carlos Eduardo and Nawaf Al-Abed, 30, will be sacked at the end of the season.

Third: Dependence on the quadruple of the young team, “Mutaib Al-Mufarraj, Muhammad Al-Dossari, Hamad Al-Abdan, Dhar Al-Otaibi”, in the near future.

* Loud deals

And the last axis, is hitting the crescent force strongly, in the Mercato market, during the coming period, to kidnap a group of major deals; They are: “Hassan Timbukti, Ali Al-Hassan, Fahd Al-Mawlid and Abdullah Al-Hamdan.”

According to the “League Plus” network, Al-Hilal Club will use player Hattan Bahbari to enter into a possible exchange deal to sign Fahd Al-Mawlid, the wizard of the Union.

The media, Abdulaziz Al-Mursel, also hinted at the possibility of entering Nawaf Al-Abed with Bahbari, in addition to a sum of money paid by Al-Hilal to finalize the Al-Mawled deal, in light of the strong relations between the two teams.

As for Al-Watan newspaper, it announced that Al-Hilal started negotiations with the youth to contract with Hassan Timbukti and Abdullah Al-Hamdan, as the strong relationship between the two clubs may settle the deal, whether by money only, or players in addition to money, especially in light of the duo’s adherence Leaving the Laith.

On his part, more than one sports journalist and journalist emphasized that the first desire of Ali Al-Hassan, or “the new Saud Kariri” as it is called, is to move to Al Hilal, and that the deal is very close.

And if Al Hilal succeeds in including this quartet, which receives great attention from the opponent as well, it will be almost within the future of the team, along with the young stars “Miteb Al Mufarrij, Mohammed Al Dossari, Hamad Al Abedan and Dhar Al Otaibi.”


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