Support for la Francophonie or East Christians?


It is not clear why the French government decided, now, to help pay the premiums for students of member schools in the French Education Agency network (7 schools, including the five schools of the French secular mission) and schools that follow the French system and accredit the French Baccalaureate and the French Education Agency partner abroad (46 schools) And why hundreds of teachers and employees were spent, especially in the mission’s schools, if these schools would eventually receive the premiums, even if the aid would not pass directly through them, which has caused the displeasure of some representatives of the schools cartel.While the value of the aid is expected to be announced officially in conjunction with the visit of French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian to Lebanon soon, press information indicated that it will reach 50 million euros, and will go – as a first stage – to students of partner schools, so that every needy student gets, as the embassy announced On its website (the need is determined on the basis of a form to be filled out by the students) 7 million and 500 thousand liras.
As for the member schools of the French Education Agency: the five schools of the secular mission (Lycee Français, Lycee Verdun, Lycee Nahr Ibrahim, Lycee Habbouch, Lycee La Fontaine Tripoli), and the College of Protestant and Lycee Abdel Qader are excluded from the direct cash support program, given the existence of special funding According to the embassy statement, it is likely to include interest-free loans. Al-Akhbar learned that mission officials are focusing in talks with the French state that the aid allocated to the mission’s schools be a gift, not a loan.
The issue of aid was raised in the French Parliament, where the number of pupils of the French mission schools in Lebanon was deliberated due to the economic crisis and the financial collapse, and fears were raised about the decline in French-speaking education in Lebanon, and there are those who talked about it falling within the support of Christians in the Near East, to launch Then the French embassy in Lebanon has an emergency plan that includes the creation of an aid fund to educate non-French students in partner schools, an exceptional system related to the next academic year 2020-2021.
The embassy clarified that the parents send the forms to the relevant school departments, which are responsible for referring the applications to the embassy cooperation and cultural work, before the deadline set on July 31, provided that the embassy gives an answer for accepting the applications during September.


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