Sumaya al-Khashab apologizes for the movie “Saber and Radi”: “Afraid of Corona”


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The artist Sumaya Khashab apologized for her withdrawal from the movie “Saber and Radi”, written by Mohamed Nabawy and directed by Akram Farid.

Sumaya said, in her press statements, that she liked working with Al-Sobky and Ahmed Adam, but Corona virus and its fear of infection is the reason for the apology, wishing goodness and success to all the work team.

She clarified that no matter what precautionary measures or disinfectants are used, the actor will eventually stand in front of the other actors without a muzzle and may thus be subject to injury, especially in scenes that include more than one actor and require a rapprochement between them.

Soumia indicated that she will not accept to risk her life and will not aim herself to perish for work, as long as there is no reason to rush.

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