Suitable for her .. See the most beautiful views of Princess Diana, degrees of love


Many years have passed since her passing, but her imprint in the world of fashion and fashion is still the talk of many who are interested in fashion in the world, where she was able to captivate everyone with her looks, like her family for her hearts, she is the princess of hearts, the late prince Diana, who had a distinguished approach in her outfits, It seems that she was a lover of violet or lavender color as he knows, and the site “ellearabia” published the most prominent appearances in which she chose this color.Tayer

The looks of the late Princess of Wales varied between the official, the bracelet and the casual wear, and a lot of the jumpsuit consisting of a short pocket and a “tier” coat shivered in a purple or purple color, and the shades of colors in them differed in terms of calm purple, dark purple, or those that combined the two colors, as the fabrics differed between the satin The stripes and stripes and pillow I decorated with a stylish belt on the waist.


Coats in the royal family are treated like basic dresses or clothing, where princesses appear often, and Princess Diana has chosen in one of her elegant looks a purple coat, decorated from the chest and hands in a white striped pattern, with a hat in the same color of the coat for a complete look.


Princess Diana’s character was often bold due to her choice of mixing bold colors, and in this look she wore a lavender skirt with a white blouse, and a cut jacket in fiery red.

Casual clothes

During one of her casual looks she chose a matte pullover in purple, with Shimmis down in a lavender lavender color, and in another look she wore a Mauve blouse embroidered with white flowers with white trousers.



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