Suarez: Real Madrid decided La Liga and Barcelona should not invoke the mistakes of the var


Uruguayan Luis Suarez confirmed that Barcelona should not invoke the mistakes of the VAR technology and stressed the need to criticize themselves about losing the Liga title this season.

Real Madrid lead 4 points behind Barcelona, And can formally clinch the title tomorrow, Thursday.

Suarez gave an interview to the Spanish newspaper “Mundo Deportivo” and said: “I think we should realize that the performance we provided against Villarreal is the right path that we must take when we want to fight for important things like the Champions League, we can achieve the goal, the match was against Villarreal has the message that if we want to do this we can achieve it. ”

He added: “It is true that our level fell against Espanyol and we must criticize ourselves. In front of Valladolid we played a wonderful first step, but in the second half because of the opponent we lost balls and did not create opportunities, which makes us criticize ourselves and prepare for what comes next.”

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Suarez stressed: “Our loss to La Liga is not because of the VAR, we left the title fleeing from our hands, there are no excuses, and we have to win the next two games for the name and status of Barcelona, ​​then focus completely on the only title that can be contested which is the Champions League, the error in one game It costs you a lot so we have to be very vigilant and we will need everyone’s efforts for this title. ”

The Barcelona striker stressed: “The knockout was against Celta Vigo, the goal of Aspas in the last minutes, then came the confrontation of Atletico Madrid.”

And he added, “Pique and the President spoke clearly about the VAR and its mistakes, but I think the competitors were also fighting, we should not look for many excuses, but to criticize ourselves and face reality, the title of La Liga has been largely decided for Real Madrid, we have to focus on the league title European Champions, for the prestige of the name Barcelona. ”


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