Suarez: Lazio player bites his opponent (video)


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Lazio player Patricio Gaborone recklessly acted during his team’s match against Lecce on Tuesday, for the 31st week of the Italian league, and some of the opposing team’s players.

At the last moments of the match, when Lazio was launching successive attacks on the Lecce penalty area, friction occurred between Gabarone and Lecce’s defender, Giulio Donati, for the former to make some second in his arm.

Donati fell to the ground in pain before the arbiter demanded that Gabaron be expelled, but the arbiter did not respond to him because he did not pay attention to the cat.

Seconds later, video technology rulers interfered, guiding the scene’s ruling by expelling Gabaron in the 93rd minute.

This shot was repeated by the famous World Cup 2014, when Uruguayan Luis Suarez, Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini, bitten.

It should be noted that the confrontation of Lecce and his guest, Lazio, ended with the landowners’ victory with two goals against one goal.

Source: RT


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