“Su-35” enters Egypt … Will Washington implement its threats?


Cairo | Despite American threats to impose sanctions on Egypt if the Russian-made Sukhoi Su-35 aircraft are dealt with, Cairo is going to complete the deal in full, even with the Egyptian air force’s willingness to receive the first batch of these planes within days. On the instructions of the military, the Egyptian media began announcing the arrival of the new fighters soon, as part of a plan to “diversify the sources of arming the army”, which had previously bought French “Rafale” aircraft and German submarines, along with other weapons from Europe and the United States. This deal dates back to three years when it culminated in the signing of the official contract to supply 24 Su-35 fighters, and its value reached two billion dollars, including the aircraft and their armament, so that Egypt is the second country after China to buy this type.What makes the American threats so serious is that the United States previously imposed sanctions on China after its purchase of Russian fighters, amounting to the suspension of visas for military officials and the freezing of Chinese funds. In parallel, Egypt has received clear threats from American officials in an official and public manner, according to which Cairo’s purchases of American weapons will be affected, as well as the possibility of imposing sanctions under the Katsa Law. However, Egyptian officials say that the army has the right to purchase Russian fighters in its quest to reinforce its military fleet, especially with the United States refusing to supply F-35s that we “requested to purchase 12 years ago without response”, knowing that the latter was limited to selling them in the region to the Air Force Israeli.

Egypt is the second country after China to buy this type

Russia will continue to deliver aircraft to Egypt until 2023 under the agreement, whose details have not been disclosed. Nevertheless, military leaders assert that relations with Washington will not be affected much even with “Katsa”, based on the trend to conclude new military agreements with billions of dollars in Washington, according to which the Egyptian army will obtain specific weapons that it wishes to acquire. Meanwhile, the Russian press paid attention to publishing photos of five Sukhoi Su-35 fighters during its testing at the Komsomolsk na Amor factory, saying that they had been bought by Egypt. These aircraft are characterized by speeds of up to 28 thousand km, and they fly at an altitude of 11 km, while the maximum range reaches 4,500 km. It also has excellent maneuverability, electronic anti-aircraft monitoring and enemy flight neutralization, with the advantage of refueling in the air. Those sites also said that the F-16 fighters in the Arab countries could not confront their Israeli counterparts according to the difference in technologies, even though the manufacturer is one, and therefore “Su-35” represents a threat to “F-35, 22, 15”, as it is designed to fight it. . As of writing the report, there has been no official comment from Washington on the announcement of the arrival of the aircraft, which will be officially disclosed by Cairo within days.


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